Online Book Reviews Make Great Writing Projects for Homeschoolers

A lot of us have children who love to read but really are not too thrilled to write their book report. Maybe encouraging them to write their book report at one of the online book social networks will get them to be more enthusiastic about it.

No matter what homeschool curriculum you are using, eventually your student is going to read a book and then will be assigned to write a book report about it. Your child might be the one who loves to read and also loves to write. If so you are very blessed.

A book report is supposed to be what the book is about. A book review is supposed to be what you thought about the book and it is supposed to persuade someone else to want to read it…or avoid it. I think many children would be happy to tell the world why they shouldn’t read a book that they hated. They might attack that assignment with gusto.

A site like not only provides a good place for your student to work on their writing skills, it also provides feedback from other reviewers and it lets your student keep track of every book they read, want to read or own. They will get a great feeling of accomplishment when they are active on this site for several years, starting early in their life, and look back on how many books they have read and written about. They will be able to see their writing skills progress and may even want to re-read and re-write reviews of their favorite books they read in their younger years.

You may too, Mom and Dad!