Homeschooling in qld

Homeschooling in QLD – 2023 Unofficial Guide

Homeschooling in QLD is free and legal. Temporary and continuous registration options are available. Queensland parents with children aged 6-17 can apply to the HEU (Home Education Unit).

Here is a quick overview of the basic facts that you need to understand for homeschooling in Queensland.

Latest numbers released by the HEU – the state registration body – show over 8461 now registered to homeschool in Queensland. This is an increase of 69% (over 3000 new homeschool students) since 2021. This is the highest increase for homeschooling in Australia. 

FAQ for Homeschooling in QLD

Do You Have To Register When Homeschooling in QLD?

Yes!  You are legally required to register to homeschool in QLD if: your children don’t attend a school, are between the age of 6 to 15, you live in QLD and are an Australian citizen or resident. If your child is between the age of 15 to 17 then other rules apply such as part time work and/or having another form of education such as TAFE or Uni.


However, there are always exceptions to the rule; some visa’s do not require you to register. If you don’t have a QLD address, then you cannot register to homeschool in Queensland. For example – a homeschooling parent registered in New Zealand but living in Brisbane, whose children were New Zealand residents may not need to register. It is a grey area.

When Can I Remove My Kids From School?

There are two registration methods for homeschooling in Queensland. Using either method you can take your children out almost immediately.

Provisional registration only needs a letter of intention and you can get approval from when they receive your letter. This means your child can be withdrawn from school immediately. You will need to do the more formal application after provisional registration expires.

Continuous registration (which you will have to do eventually) is with the HEU. It can take a couple of months but similar to the provisional registration method you have 60 days to submit your plan and you can remove your child from school after they have acknowledged your application (I’ll tell you more about this so read on).

Can I Travel When Homeschooling in QLD?

Yes you can.

Part Time Homeschooling in Qld

In Queensland simultaneous enrolment in school and homeschool is not an option, however you may be permitted to participate in some school classes but not be officially enrolled. This option needs to be negotiated with individual schools and is up to the principal’s discretion. A fee may also be required.

Do I Need A Specific Curriculum?

No! You do not need to follow a particular curriculum.

When homeschooling in QLD you only need to ensure the child receives a high-quality education. This usually means adding the traditional subjects into your learning plan: English, maths, science, social studies (history, geography, civics, economics), creative arts, Foreign languages (optional). However, you have a lot of flexibility.

QLD schools use the Australian Curriculum and the HEU provides examples of this as an example of a model curriculum.

Do I Need to Buy A Homeschool Program?

You do not need to buy a curriculum however most families choose to, especially when they first start. It’s much easier to register and all of the syllabus is planned out for you.

Purchased programs also help collect samples for when you submit a yearly report and new plan for the following year.

Homeschooling has flexible hours, and generally is more efficient, so you will still have loads of time to pursue your child’s interests.

Can I DIY My Curriculum?

Absolutely! If you want to make up your own curriculum you can.

Just remember, QLD homeschooling students must ensure it is a high-quality education.

Even if you are unschooling you will need to do an educational plan and yearly reporting.

How Much Does Homeschooling Cost?

To get registered to homeschool in Queensland it is free. You don’t get a specific government subsidy to homeschool but some families are eligible for the isolated children’s scheme.

Centrelink also gives some exemptions to the educating parent from working when you homeschool.

What will cost you money is curriculum and external lessons like music and other activities such as swimming lessons. Queensland homeschoolers can apply for the Textbooks and Resources payment and a Fair Play Voucher that can be used to pay for sports activities.

Homeschooling is cheaper than private school and distance education.

Here are some additional tips for single parent homeschooling in QLD.

You can homeschool on a tight budget, or you can go crazy expensive.  

Here is a breakdown of particular costs using different learning styles.

Can My Child Get A QCE When Homeschooling in QLD?

When you choose to homeschool for Year 11 and 12 your child can’t get a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). However your children can still complete an QCE alternative and get an ATAR to use for university entry if needed, or they can continuing homeschooling up till the age of 17 without seeking a formal qualification. After the age of 17 you can follow your chosen course of study without any government restrictions. You can stop homeschooling altogether if you like.

Year 11 and 12 Qualifications

Year 10 is the last grade we provide at My Homeschool. However, we do offer resources to help you explore possibilities – and there are many – after you complete Year 10.

They include:

  • Selecting The Next Best Step – This guide helps you navigate the various pathways available to students who have already completed their Year 10 studies. We look at: university entry without an ATAR, DIY Year 11 & 12, TAFE, apprenticeships, and gaining international qualifications.
  • Curating A Senior High School Course – Here you’ll get ideas on how you can prepare your own DIY curriculum for a non-accredited Year 11 and 12 course of study. We have information on: when you can stop homeschooling, how to put your own curriculum together, and what subjects to choose. Our curated subject lists include English, mathematics, science, geography, history, foreign languages, technology, creative arts and PDHPE. You can craft an individualised curriculum from these lists.
  • Preparing Academic Transcripts – We teach you how to prepare your own professional transcripts to demonstrate your record of learning. We also provide examples, a template and tips on creating portfolios.

When you finish with My Homeschool Year 10B you’ll have many options. You and your teen can create your own strategy and make informed decisions for the future.

This resource is part of our Year 10B course and is only available to families who have purchased our Year 10B curriculum. It is not sold separately.

What If My Child Has Special Needs?

Many parents who are homeschooling have children with special needs. Home education allows you to adapt your curriculum to your child’s special needs.

The Queensland Government also has various support services for families with special needs.

These Facebook group that may suit some families:

Here is some more information on homeschooling children with special needs.

Are There Any QLD Homeschool Support Groups?

National Groups Supporting Homeschoolers

Regional Groups Supporting Homeschooling in QLD

Many Queensland homeschooling  groups can be found on Facebook groups. Each group has a different flavour and homeschool culture so you might try joining a few so you can get a feel for the ones you like.

Do note many of these groups are private and you will usually need to answer a few questions before you can join. If you do not see your area listed here try searching for a Facebook group in your local area. If you are stuck, try asking in a larger group for contacts.

Here is a short list but there are many more: 

Homeschool Groups Brisbane & Gold Coast

Other Queensland Regions

My Homeschool Support

The My Homeschool Community is also a place that offers support for homeschooling in Australia.

  • We provide a virtual home educator’s staff room for all our members which includes:
  • newsletter, workshops and special offers
  • free courses including our How to Homeschool course
  • registration templates and self-paced registration help for members
  • community forums for members only

If you need more help please contact us to make an enquiry or book a call.

How To Register For Homeschooling In QLD

If you plan on homeschooling in QLD, then the HEU (Queensland Home Education Unit) states it is a legal requirement to register to homeschool from ages 6 to 16 – if your child is not enrolled in distance education, or at a school.

Some confusion exists because  the term “provisional registration”  is used for both home education registration methods. Each methods will give you 60 days provisional registration, one method is temporary and expires after 60 days, the other provides a registration certificate and is continuous.

Section 207 and 208 of the Queensland Education (General Provisions Act) allows for  home education registration.

Method One: Certificate For Home Education – (Section 208 of the 2006 Education Act)

Use this method in most circumstances.

To register for the Certificate in Home Education you need to fill in an application form the Queensland Home Education Unit (HEU) and be a Queensland resident. The form will take less than an hour to complete. However there are a few documents you need to provide and if you don’t have these handy you may have to wait for them to arrive. Each child needs a separate form. Once an application is submitted, you will be advised of your provisional registration by email. Please be aware that this may take a number of days.

Once you begin a 60 days provisional registration, you can notify the school you will be homeschooling in QLD.

Registration approval also requires an education plan; preparing this will take longer. Although it does not say on the application form that you can send in your education plan later – you can! If you don’t have a plan to send in with your application, and you are in a hurry to get provisional registration,  mention you will be forwarding the plan to the HEU at a later date. Home education applicants get 4-6 weeks to provide a plan during the provisional registration period.

Once registration is granted, you get a registration certificate that lasts 12 months.

Registration is continuous however you are required to send in a report of progress every 12 months.

Method Two: Provisional Registration For Queensland Residence (Section 207 of the 2006 Education Act)

This temporary registration is meant to be used for children in between schools, or temporarily not at school for other reasons. Overseas families living in Queensland who want to homeschool their children also while on temporary visas.  It is not for families who are planning on homeschooling permanently. If you plan on sending your children back to school in 60 days then you can use this method. Otherwise use Method One – 208 Certificate of Registration.

Provisional registration is only a temporary registration option. You get 60 days approval and no plan is required. After the provisional registration expires you would then need to re-evaluate learning options for your child. This means your child needs to be sent back to school, or you apply for a 208 Certificate of Registration.

You must apply for 207 Provisional registration by letter. There is no form.

Homeschooling in Queensland registration is approved from the date they receive the letter and it lasts for 60 days.

Here is a redacted version of a provisional approval letter that was given after applying with our template letter.

Provisional registration Queensland


Queensland Homeschool Provisional Registration

While I'm responding I just wanted to take a moment to say that we are absolutely loving the My Homeschool curriculum.  My children and I feel like we have breathed a breath of fresh air after a turbulent first and second term this year with a distance education school.  We had signed up with them in an effort to reduce the amount of time I spend planning and reporting for HEU [Queensland government registration unit].

In fact the only reason we hadn't signed up with My Homeschool initially is because anytime HEU was mentioned my heart rate would increase and I'd want to run!

We were, and are, a Charlotte Mason style family and in hindsight I should have realised that the distance education route was going to be a disaster.  Let's just say, in term 1 and 2, no-one saved any time, there were lots of frustrated tears from children and mother, and there was so much busy work to do and no time for a proper education!

Enter My Homeschool, oh how we loved term 3, our first term with you.  My children were once more excited about 'school', I was once more loving learning alongside them.  There was time to explore some of the creative tangents the children go off on when were learning new things, you know the sort, "if that happened, I wonder what happened when...", or the classic "why?".

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you do, your curriculum has provided a platform (and the reporting documents) that satisfies the HEU while still leaving us loads of flexibility and room to explore our amazing world and the people who have lived here and still live here.

You have saved me time in planning and reporting and the word HEU no longer makes me want to run.  I have been so thrilled I tell all my homeschooling friends about your amazing program and one of my friends signed her family up with My Homeschool (PS they're loving the curriculum too).

Many blessings to you and your team, continue the good work you are doing.  The hours are most likely long and some days feel fruitless, but you are without a doubt a blessing to many families.

Kellie from QLD

Homeschool Reviews, My Homeschool Multiple Children

Preparing Your Application For Homeschooling In QLD

The first thing you need to do is download and fill in your application for registration form from the HEU. You can find the official QLD homeschooling application details here.

The following details need to be included in your documentation:

  • general details of your child
  • An individualised education program tailored to a child’s need.
  • A way to monitor educational progress
  • Provision of a suitable environment for homeschooling.

With your application you need to submit an education plan. This HEU application requires you to demonstrate how you plan to provide a high quality education for your child.

Home Education Plan Template for Queensland

Three home education plan templates for Queensland are provided by the HEU and examples are given, however nearly all Queensland homeschoolers I know find the home education plan templates and examples overwhelming and confusing. But the good news is…You do not need to fill out the home education plan templates for Queensland provided by the HEU. You can make your own homeschool plans.

A note on the HEU website states:

“The Home Education Unit (HEU) offers general information about planning a program and provides templates and completed examples for reference. The use of these templates is not mandatory and you may choose to develop your own format. The templates have a similar beginning around the setting of goals and then move into a different style of presentation.”

My Homeschool Education Plan Templates For Queensland

At My Homeschool we have a home education plan template for Queensland.

We’ve done 75% of the work for you.

We provide idea prompts and suggestions to help you personalise your QLD homeschool registration application when using our curriculum. However you will still need to submit your plan to the HEU.

With each My Homeschool grade purchased we include:

  • A learning plan in an editable Word document. Just fill in the sections we recommend.
  • A scope and sequence with all ACARA codes linked to resources. This will demonstrate a high quality education that is linked to the Australian Curriculum – the syllabus followed in Queensland schools.
  • Assessment suggestions and prompts to remind you when to collect samples for your annual report.
  • Editable Term Reports to make your re-registration progress report easy to do.

We have had extensive positive feedback from education department representatives across Australia about how My Homeschool not only meets the requirements of the Australian Curriculum but also furnishes homeschooling parents with the opportunities for personalising their own homeschool program.

At My Homeschool we have a 100% success rate with families who register using our method. With more than 1000 families using My Homeschool across Australia and many homeschooling in Queensland – we are pretty proud of that!


Homeschooling In QLD – Key Learning Areas

When writing your own education plan you need to work out what subjects you plan on teaching. For example, the basic subjects for primary  are:

In Year 7 to 10 English, Science, Math, History and Geography are compulsory but other subjects are electives:

  • Creative and Practical Arts
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE)
  • Foreign Language (LOTE)
  • Design and Technology

Approval Recommendation There is no set time for registration approval. It could take a few weeks or months. They may want to ask a few questions about your application or ask for some extra information.  This is usually via email but you can speak on the phone to someone at the HEU. Nine times out of ten, they will then tell you that you have been approved for registration and that you will be sent a registration certificate. Registration is continuous but you will be asked to send in reports of your child’s progress each year. On the rare occasion that you are not approved you can contact the HEA and ask for help. (This is a support body for home educators in Australia. You can join if you haven’t already).

Preparing Your Annual Report When Homeschooling In QLD

If you wish to continue homeschooling in Queensland you will need to submit a progress report of your child’s home education each year. This will include:

  • Samples of your child’s work. You will need to think ahead for these samples. My Homeschool have included prompts throughout the term to collect these samples and put them in your portfolio. Work samples should be taken from Math, English and another subject. English compositions, and notebooking pages work well for this. Math’s samples need to show full working out of problems.
  • A plan for the following year. If you are using My Homeschool Graded course for the next year then you can use our Yearly Planning Form for the following grade and fill out the appropriate details.


Queensland Distance Education or Home Schooling

Queensland correspondence schools are a popular choice for many families with around 3500 students enrolled in the Christian homeschooling distance education schools alone. However Distance Education is quite different to homeschooling because you use pre determined curriculum and you are under the supervision of a school. In order to stay accredited these schools are required to comply with the Australian National Curriculum. This usually means that you lose the flexibility you have when determining your own curriculum, you also gain the advantage of not having to put in the effort to plan your own curriculum. Registration is often avoided but some distance education schools require you to register with the Home Education Unit as well.

When you home school without enrolling with a distance education school you maintain your independence and flexibility. You are also not required to follow the Australian National Curriculum (at this stage).

Thank you for putting together this wonderful course. Over the last 4 years I have taken 2 of my children through Years 7 and 8 using a distance ed programme but this year my daughter and I have found this course to be a much less stressful transition to high school. I love knowing that we are still fulfilling the requirements for the Australian Curriculum but I have also been able to give my daughter the rich classical literature-based education that I was looking for. I have been interested in the Charlotte Mason style of education for a few years but until now I was frustrated that everything I came across was based on American history/geography/seasons. Thank you for putting in the time to track down and integrate appropriate Australian resources into the curriculum.

This was my first year registering with the Qld Home Education unit myself so I also found the information that you included regarding registering very helpful.

I have also used the Year 5 and Prep courses this year and found them to be wonderful as well. Thank you again.

Tracey from QLD

Homeschool Review, Year 7 Curriculum

Queensland Homeschool Provisional Registration

This is the My Homeschool unofficial guide. We’ve tried to explain homeschooling in QLD  in simple terms for the newbie.  The information found here is suitable for families registering to homeschool in Queensland.  We endeavour to keep this page current  and up-to-date. However, we are not the official government registration body for Queensland and more information on homeschooling can be found on the links we provide.                                                                Last updated May 2022