Homeschooling in Queensland

Homeschooling in QLD – 2024 – Upcoming Changes and How to Register

Homeschooling in QLD is free and legal. Temporary and continuous registration options are available. Queensland parents with children aged 6-17 can apply to the HEU (Home Education Unit).

Here is a quick overview of the basic facts that you need to understand for homeschooling in Queensland.

The latest numbers released by the HEU – the state registration body – show over 10 000  students now registered to homeschool in Queensland. This is is more than double the amount of 2021. This is the highest increase for homeschooling in Australia.

Will Homeschooling Be Banned in Queensland? New Proposed Changes

The right to homeschool in Queensland is not in danger and homeschooling will not be banned. However, not all states have the same rules, and each state government controls what the policies are for homeschooling. Unfortunately, there is a general trend towards regulating homeschooling more and more.

In March 2024, Di Farmer, Queensland’s Education Minister, released some amendments to the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006.

The main two changes effecting homeschooling are:

1. Removal of the provisional application process. You will now have to submit a plan with your application to the HEU. Currently you can wait 60 days to submit your plan, or write a letter to state your intention to home school.

2. The Australian Curriculum will become the standard for your education plan from Prep to Year 10. In Year 11 and 12 you will need to plan using the senior school syllabus, VET, or other approved programs. Currently, you just need to provide a high quality curriculum. This is a very BIG change and it will adversely affect a lot of families home schooling is qld.

There are a few more proposed changes; here is the official Queensland Government Education Act amendments.

For Queenslanders wanting more information, and to get advice on how to get involved with lobbying government to object to changes, here are two sources for information that can help you:

HEA: Home Education Association

Facebook: EGPA Changes to Home Ed Discussion

Sign the petition to protest the changes here – Open till 17th of April. You must be a Queensland resident to sign.

It’s important to mention, these are only proposed changed and have not come into law yet. If these changes do pass, it would take at least 18 months, or longer, for them to become policy with the HEU. And even if these changes happen, your choice to homeschool is not being threatened.

Key Dates For The Bill To Queensland Government

Keep informed with the progress of the bill and view submissions.

Sign the petition to protest the changes (Queensland Residents Only).

  • Public Briefing of Bill: 18th of March 2024 (Date passed)
  • Submissions Closed: 25 March 2024. (This date has passed and many submissions were made).
  • Parliament Public hearing 1: 28th March 2024. (This has taken place, in the submissions everyone protested the changes).
  • Parliament Public hearing: Thursday, 4 April 2024  (Listen to the submissions here)
  • Homeschool Protest Picnic 16th of April: Amanda Bartle has organised a homeschool protest picnic from 11-1pm, at Speaker’s Corner – outside parliament house. Press and MPs are being invited. For more information go to.
  • Parliament Report due date: 19 April 2024
  • Government Response: Three months to respond to report (July 2024). Then it might be passed as law.
  • Some changes become effective immediately, others have a 12 month period before they get enacted.

FAQ for Homeschooling in QLD

Please note: This information is current (last updated – March 2024). If  the legislation changes we will revise the information accordingly.

Do You Have to Register When Homeschooling in QLD?

Yes! If your child does not attend school and is between the age of 5 to 16 then you are legally required to register to homeschool in QLD. However, if your child is between the age of 15 to 17 other rules apply such as part-time work and/or having another form of education such as TAFE or Uni.

These rules apply to all Queensland residents. However, if you don’t have a QLD address, then you cannot register to homeschool in Queensland.

When Can I Remove My Kids from School?

There are two registration methods for homeschooling in Queensland. Using either method you can take your children out of school once your application is received. This usually only takes a week.

Can I Travel When Homeschooling in QLD?

Yes, you can.

Is Part-Time Homeschooling in Qld an Option?

In Queensland simultaneous enrolment in school and homeschool is not an option, however, you may be permitted to participate in some school classes but not be officially enrolled. Although, this option is up to the principal’s discretion, and it needs to be negotiated with individual schools. A fee may also be required.

Do I Need a Specific Curriculum?

No! You do not need to follow a particular homeschool curriculum.

When homeschooling in QLD you only need to ensure the child receives a high-quality education.

Do I Need to Buy a Homeschool Program or Can I DIY or unschool?

No! you don’t need to buy a homeschool program however many people do. If you want to make up your own curriculum you can.

You can choose to follow your preferred homeschool method. However, even if you are unschooling, you must do an educational plan and keep homeschool records.

How Much Does Homeschooling in QLD Cost? Are There Any Subsidies?

To get registered to homeschool in Queensland it is free.

Home education in QLD isn’t subsidised, but some families qualify for the isolated children’s scheme. Centrelink also exempts homeschool parents from working.

Queensland homeschoolers can receive the Textbooks and Resources reimbursement and a Fair Play Sports Voucher.

You can homeschool cheaply or extravagantly.

Here is a breakdown of costs using different learning styles.

Is Homeschooling the Same as Distance Education?

Distance education uses a pre-determined curriculum and is supervised by a school, unlike home education. Accredited schools must follow the Australian National Curriculum. While you lose freedom in choosing your own curriculum, you get the benefit of not having to plan it.

Can My Child Get the QCE when Homeschooling in QLD?

You cannot get QCE for QLD homeschooling. However, there are other pathways for a homeschool Queensland ATAR.

What if My Child Has Special Needs?

There are numerous parents in Queensland who home educate their children with special needs. To support such families, the Queensland Government has introduced special needs family support services.

Additionally, some Facebook groups like “Homeschooling on the Spectrum (Qld Support Group for ASD Families)” and “Queensland Homeschooling Teens with Special Needs” offer valuable resources to parents. However, the latter group is private and may require an introduction from someone in another homeschool group.

For more information on homeschooling children with special needs, please refer to the provided resources.

Are There Any QLD Homeschool Support Groups?

Facebook has several Queensland homeschooling groups. Join a few groups to find one you enjoy. Each has a different homeschool culture.

Many of these groups are private and need you to answer some questions before joining. If your area is not listed, ask a larger group for contacts if you’re stuck.

List of QLD Home Education Support Groups.

National Groups Supporting Homeschoolers

Regional Groups Supporting Homeschooling in QLD

Many Queensland homeschooling  groups can be found on Facebook groups. Each group has a different flavour and homeschool culture so you might try joining a few so you can get a feel for the ones you like.

Do note many of these groups are private and you will usually need to answer a few questions before you can join. If you do not see your area listed here try searching for a Facebook group in your local area. If you are stuck, try asking in a larger group for contacts.

Here is a short list but there are many more:

Homeschool Groups Brisbane & Gold Coast

Other Queensland Regions

How To Register for Homeschooling In QLD

There are two methods of registration for home education in QLD.

Section 207 and 208 of the Queensland Education (General Provisions Act) allows for  home education registration. More information can be found in the Queensland education legislation.

Method One: Certificate for Home Education

(Section 208 of the 2006 Education Act)

Use this method in most circumstances.

The Queensland Home Education Unit (HEU) requires Queensland residents to apply for the Certificate in Home Education. You can complete the form in under one hour. However, you may have to wait if you don’t have the required paperwork. There is a separate form for each child. Allow several days for email notification of provisional registration.

Once you begin a 60-day provisional registration, you can notify the school you will be homeschooling in QLD.

Preparing an education plan for registration approval takes longer. The application form does not state you can submit your education plan later, but you can! If you need provisional registration quickly and don’t have a plan, tell the HEU you’ll send it later. Homeschoolers have 4-6 weeks to submit a plan during provisional registration.

Registration grants a 12-month certificate. Registration is ongoing, but you must report progress annually.


Method Two: Provisional Registration for Queensland Residence

(Section 207 of the 2006 Education Act)
This interim registration is for children between schools or temporarily out of school. Temporary visa-holding overseas families in Queensland who desire to homeschool. It’s not for permanent homeschoolers.

This registration only lasts 60 days. After the provisional registration expires, your child must return to school or get a 208 Certificate of Registration.

207 Provisional registration requires a letter and no education plan.

Here is an example of an approved letter.

Homeschooling in Queensland provisional approval letter.

Preparing Your Application for Homeschooling In QLD

The first thing you need to do is download and fill in your application for registration form from the HEU. You can find the official QLD homeschooling application details here.

With your application, you need to submit an education plan. This HEU application requires you to demonstrate how you plan to provide your child with a high-quality education.

Home Education Plan Template for Queensland

Three home education plan templates for Queensland are provided by the HEU. However, nearly all Queensland homeschoolers I know, find the home education plan templates and examples overwhelming and confusing. But the good news is, you do not need to fill out the home education plan templates for Queensland provided by the HEU. You can use your own design.

My Homeschool also provides education plan templates free with all our homeschool programs.

For more advice on writing home education plans see here.

QLD Homeschooling Approval

Registration approval may take weeks or months. They may enquire about your application or request more information. You can call the HEU, however, email is normally preferred. They’ll then confirm your registration and send a certificate. Registration is ongoing, but you must report your child’s progress annually. If you are denied, contact the HEA for assistance.

Queensland requires annual progress reports for homeschoolers with child’s work samples.

While I'm responding I just wanted to take a moment to say that we are absolutely loving the My Homeschool curriculum.  My children and I feel like we have breathed a breath of fresh air after a turbulent first and second term this year with a distance education school.  We had signed up with them in an effort to reduce the amount of time I spend planning and reporting for HEU [Queensland government registration unit].

In fact the only reason we hadn't signed up with My Homeschool initially is because anytime HEU was mentioned my heart rate would increase and I'd want to run!

We were, and are, a Charlotte Mason style family and in hindsight I should have realised that the distance education route was going to be a disaster.  Let's just say, in term 1 and 2, no-one saved any time, there were lots of frustrated tears from children and mother, and there was so much busy work to do and no time for a proper education!

Enter My Homeschool, oh how we loved term 3, our first term with you.  My children were once more excited about 'school', I was once more loving learning alongside them.  There was time to explore some of the creative tangents the children go off on when were learning new things, you know the sort, "if that happened, I wonder what happened when...", or the classic "why?".

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you do, your curriculum has provided a platform (and the reporting documents) that satisfies the HEU while still leaving us loads of flexibility and room to explore our amazing world and the people who have lived here and still live here.

You have saved me time in planning and reporting and the word HEU no longer makes me want to run.  I have been so thrilled I tell all my homeschooling friends about your amazing program and one of my friends signed her family up with My Homeschool (PS they're loving the curriculum too).

Many blessings to you and your team, continue the good work you are doing.  The hours are most likely long and some days feel fruitless, but you are without a doubt a blessing to many families.

Kellie from QLD

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Further Information on Homeschooling in Queensland

This is the My Homeschool unofficial guide. We’ve tried to explain homeschooling in QLD in simple terms for the newbie. The information found here is suitable for families registering to homeschool in Queensland. We endeavour to keep this page current and up to date. However, we are not the official government registration body for Queensland and more information on homeschooling can be found on the links we provide.

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