Year Nine Homeschool Curriculum

Our Year Nine homeschool curriculum is a literature rich, family friendly homeschool program written for Australian children.
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The Curriculum Balance Is Hard?

When my children began homeschooling in Year 9, I knew a bit about the subjects they needed to learn but not enough. There were so many specific topics I was meant to cover in the Australian Curriculum that I felt quite lost.

Making sure university was an option in the future also played on my mind. I wanted more guidance but I didn’t know where to look.

Year 9-Featured Image

There were no homeschool options written specifically for Australian homeschoolers. I could find textbooks but these were for a school setting with teachers who understood the topic, so they were not homeschool friendly. The cold and impersonal online sites which promised a tick the box curriculum lacked accountability, depth and rigour.

The Charlotte Mason book list curriculums were of little help because their suggestions were often outdated, out of print or absent from the Australian Curriculum. They also didn’t really help me understand topics so that I could then help my child. Telling my child to just read a book and write a response wasn’t challenging enough.

I also wanted to make sure my children were becoming university ready. This meant I needed to help them write in different genres, learn how to analyse literature and give them specific science and geography skills.

I wasted hundreds of dollars buying Year 9 resources only to use parts or none. I spent hours and hours researching. I did work it all out but it took days and days. And then I needed to show how my plan met my state’s registration requirements. It was a hassle.

Unfortunately, knowing how to plan a challenging Year 9 curriculum that follows registration requirements is a problem for most Australian homeschoolers.

As the high school studies become harder and the registration criteria begins to tighten in each state, many people give up their educational philosophy and go back to worksheets, textbooks and online tick the box products, some go unregistered and hope they won’t get caught, some send their kids back to school and some just lie about what they teach in order to pass registration.

None of these are good options!

But I’ve found a solution.


Meet Jo Lloyd

Meet Jo Lloyd

Jo, our chief curriculum writer, has been homeschooling for more than ten years. Two of her children have completed Year 9 at home.  Like me, she saw the lack of adequate homeschool material to teach Year 9.

With qualifications in law, history, geography, English literature and cultural heritage, she understood what needed to be taught in Year 9. She also loved the Charlotte Mason classical approach to home education. Her experience teaching at university for twelve years, including online, meant that she knew how to give students and parents the scaffolding they needed for remote learning.

After many requests from our My Homeschool community, she took up the challenge of creating a Year 9 program. In 2021, we released our exclusive My Homeschool Year 9 Curriculum. Our members love it!

Story by Michelle Morrow (Founder of My Homeschool)

Join Our Community

When you buy a course through My Homeschool you are joining a community that supports and mentors parents interested in educating their children academically and spiritually.

We give you a shortcut to help you get straight into giving your child a delightful and robust education without spending days and days researching and tweaking unsuitable content.

Our homeschool curriculum is written to comply with all Australian states and territories. And we make registration easy because we’ve already done 75% of the documentation you need for your application.

We Care About What Your Children Are Taught

We aim to give you confidence that you can educate your children with a worldview that honours Judeo-Christian principles and has strong academic outcomes. However, our resources are not predominantly Christian. We look for outstanding resources and often a secular resource is the best option.

We have a number of families who use our curriculum who are secular or from other faiths.

We do not include devotional material or specific religious instruction in our curriculum. We leave that up to parents.

We Wanted A Curriculum That Worked For Home Educators

Our curriculum writers have already done the juggle of homeschooling a few children at once.

  • We knew how lovely and important it is to learn as a family so we made some lessons and read alouds possible to teach as a group.
  • We reduced the time needed for formal academics by crafting our curriculum so our resources and books often teach multiple topics.
  • We made each grade fit each state’s syllabus so you can get registered easily.
  • We gave you a streamlined intentional curriculum so you could give your children a wholesome integrated education from kindergarten to high school.
  • We made sure it was academically challenging so your children will have career options, and a pathway to university if needed.
  • We put it all in one place so you weren’t hunting around looking for resources every time you wanted to begin lessons.
  • We made it easy to access your lessons and planner when you were out and about or travelling just by picking up your smartphone.

Our family has been home educating for almost 10 years. We have used resources that Michelle previously offered through Homeschooling Downunder since the beginning of our home education journey so we were keen to sign up when we heard that My Homeschool was offering a Year 9 course.

This was our first year of using a complete curriculum through My Homeschool (we purchased 4 different year levels) and it has lived up to my expectations and been a good fit for our family. We have used a few different curriculums and are excited to find an Australian course that shares our Christian worldview and aligns with the requirements for Australian students.

Year 9 spreads a broad mind feast for the student. The subjects are cleverly integrated and the course is structured and paced in such a way that still allows our son plenty of time to pursue other interests, while at the same time being academically rigorous. The course material is well written in an engaging way and utilises excellent literature and carefully considered web links. This course seems to strike a good balance between traditional methods of education while at the same time embracing online learning. It covers Ancient History and Shakespeare alongside modern literature with internet links to current events and the latest research available. I feel confident our son is learning what he needs to and importantly he is developing a broader worldview and critical thinking skills.

Previously, this Mama keenly felt there were some gaps that needed to be addressed and was spread thin herself. We are thankful that Jo has been willing to share the knowledge gained in her studies and her professional expertise in education combined with the lived experience of being a home educating Mama with the homeschooling community. This course has been a blessing for our family particularly as the level of academic study increases. It means we can continue to home educate through high school with confidence.

Melinda from NSW

Homeschool Reviews, Year 9 Curriculum

We Use A Blended Learning Approach

My Homeschool lessons are provided in a blended learning format.

All our resources are digital and are located on Moodle, a renowned online learning platform used by many schools and universities. Using this format means we give you exceptional functionality which enables you to record your progress, and access your lessons from various digital devices and locations.  This format also enables us to keep our resources fresh and dynamic.

A laptop, tablet, or desktop computer is needed to use our courses. Access to a printer is also necessary.

PDFs can be downloaded and printed for offline reading but other resources can only be viewed from our learning platform.

The majority of our classes require reading from a real book or paper-based resource.

Writing exercises involve pencils and paper and many lessons are oral or conversation based.

Video lessons require access to the My Homeschool learning portal.

The Moodle App can be downloaded onto your smartphone for on the go lessons and checking progress but is not recommended as the main digital device for reading and viewing lessons.

High School Course Semesters Explained

We have divided our high school courses into two separate semesters:

  • Semester One includes Term One and Two | Price $440 Australian Dollars
  • Semester Two includes Term Three and Four | Price $440 Australian Dollars

Continued Membership Rewards

You will continue to have access to your purchased courses, and all the benefits of being a My Homeschool member, as long as you keep your membership current. This means you can use the same graded course again for subsequent children. Inactive members are deleted after 12 months.

My experience of the My Homeschool Year 9 course has been wonderful. The broad range of literature and the resources that Michelle, Jo and the My Homeschool team offer is exceptional.  My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed the course. Her love of History has been definitely well watered.

I am so grateful for this learning experience with my daughter, it is such a wonderful gift for both of us.

Thanks Michelle, Jo and all of the My Homeschool Team

Geraldine from NSW

Homeschool Reviews, Year 9 Curriculum

The My Homeschool high school curriculum encourages your child to make the transition from teacher dependent work to more independent learning. You, as your child’s educator, will still be involved with your child’s studies but you will mostly be giving direction and feedback for completed work. Some reading aloud is required but your children should be reading most of their material on their own.

Our literature based approach includes many living books, a key concept of the Charlotte Mason method. Living books have something special about them: they flow, they capture the imagination, and they tell us the facts while they give us the story. A living book is written by a passionate author who communicates this passion to the reader in a literary language.

As Charlotte Mason penned:

“A book may be long or short, old or new, easy or hard, written by a great man or a lesser man, and yet be the living book which finds its way to the mind of a young reader.”

Poetry, Shakespeare and studying Classic novels are just some of the components of our English program in our Year Nine course. Your teenager will read and study a novel each term, chosen from a range of genres, and a Novel Study Guide is provided to help guide them along.

In our 9A course they will learn more about poetry with our Power of Poetry resource, which not only provides them with the poetry anthology for their use for study, but also background information on the grammar of poetry and the meaning and interpretation of poems.

In our 9B course the focus is on the analysis of an author’s writing, in our Analysing Writing which sees your teenager examine a range of text types, including speeches, biographies, interviews and descriptive passages.  Your teenager will enjoy the marvels of Shakespeare with our Merchant of Venice – Shakespeare Study Guide (9A) and Julius Caesar – Shakespeare Study Guide (9B). These give contextual information, detailed notes about the play and access to parts of the play to watch too.

We appreciate that working on writing skills is a key focus of English at this age and so our Year Nine course features a range of writing projects on a number of topics across all the subjects, not just English and Literature. We recommend that you purchase a writing program to help your teenager better develop their written skills and provide you with a list of recommendations. In addition, we provide a range of resources to help them practice those skills, including topics for preparing presentations on and for written pieces.

We have historical fiction books as well as Classic literature for your teenager and weave excerpts from a number of authors across our range of subjects to also provide a cross-curriculum approach to writing and expression. For example, each Year Nine course includes a Nature Notes resource with a focus on Landscapes and Climate (9A) and Mammals and Birds (9B). My Homeschool is pleased to offer your teenager a range of English resources to help them enjoy, appreciate, learn and extend their skills.

While a Mathematics program is not included in your Year Nine course we do provide recommendations to help you to select one that best suits your teenager and their needs. We are also pleased to provide a fabulous booklist of living maths books which we are sure your teenager will appreciate. You can expect your high schooler to be spending 45 minutes on maths each day, four days a week.

My Homeschool members also have access to our 50% discount on Maths Online membership. This can save you $150 per year for a family membership and a discount code is provided with the purchase of each Year Nine course.

We recommend the use of Volume 4 of Mystery of History within our Year Nine course. In each Year Nine course we are also pleased to include Modern Australian History to ensure that your teenager covers aspects of Australian history in more detail. Your teenager will appreciate the virtual fieldtrips provided in Museum Moments, a resource to allow your student to better understand some key objects of modern history included in Year 9A. They will travel virtually around the world, examining objects that have shaped our nation’s history and world history, enriching their understanding of history, but also of geography, science and the arts too. In Year 9B the focus is on key individuals who influenced the course of history.

Investigating Biomes and Agriculture is the focus for geography in our 9A course, with your student examining the world’s biomes and considering the adaptations that have occurred in these areas. They will also learn about the production of food and fibres as well as issues around food security. Within our Year 9B course your teenager will enjoy learning about world geography through Continental Geography and Place and Connection. An opportunity is also provided for your student to complete a Geography project.

Our Year 9A course covers aspects of trade and commerce, all inspired by the famous book The Greatest Salesman in the World, teaching them about trade, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs, businesses and corporations, as well as helping them to better identify the skills and talents that they have to offer. In 9B the focus is on Just Representation and teaching them about Civics and Governance and the court system of Australia. Our Year Nine course also provides a year-long reading schedule for Plutarch’s Lives featuring the lives of Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar to guide your teenager to better understand and appreciate aspects of leadership and citizenship.

Is your teenager interested in this subject area and wants opportunities to learn even more? We are happy to offer Subject Guides in all these areas to help you to choose resources and opportunities for your teenager if this is an area they are interested in and would like to pursue further as an elective.

Each term one of the four key areas of science is addressed in our Year Nine course. In our Year 9A course the focus is on Biology and Physics. In Term One your student will cover Understanding Ecology and Biodiversity which showcases aspects of this area of biological science, including case studies to help deepen your child’s interest and understanding. Explorers and Ecologists is offered alongside that resource for Term One, highlighting the contributions various individuals have made to this discipline.

In Term Two your student will study Physics and Radiation, tracing the way physical forces affect our everyday life with practical examples, while also clearly showing the discoveries that scientists like Galileo, Newton, Einstein and Curie made and the way this has changed our way of life. Like with all of our resources, a range of educational videos are provided on this topic.

Our Year 9B course focuses on Chemistry and Earth and Space Sciences, with Chemists and Chemistry (Term Three) and Talking About Climate Change (Term Four). In addition to these resources prepared specifically for My Homeschool, The Science Hub provides you and your teenager with access to a range of resources and experiments to help develop their science skills in a more hands-on way. This is provided in both the Year 9A and 9B courses.

Nature study is a practice and pursuit that you may associate with the Charlotte Mason method. It is something that is encouraged throughout your child’s education and continues within our high school graded courses. Our Nature Notes – Landscape and Climate resource (9A) and Nature Notes – Mammals and Birds (9B) offers your teenager the opportunity to learn about places and species they may not have had the opportunity to visit or see yet, along with exposing them to some fantastic science writing, and offering inspiration for Nature Notebook entries.

We also offer a Science Subject Guide to help you to choose resources and opportunities if science is an area that your teenager is interested in pursuing further. This includes an extensive Living Books List to help choose additional books, all divided into the four strands of science to help you select the best for your child.

While Art and Music Appreciation courses are provided with My Homeschool membership, offering a range of  rotations, our Year 9A course also provides you with Art and Music Appreciation courses developed specifically for high school students and to complement the modern period of history being studied in our Year Nine course.  Our Year 9A course also includes Baroque and Classical, a Music Appreciation course that examines this era of music, including J.S. Bach and George Frederic Handel from the Baroque era and Mozart and Beethoven from the Classical period, providing you with notes on the composers and compositions along with pieces to listen to. With a focus on Schubert, Schumann, Chopin and Tchaikovsky, our Classical Composers of the Romantic Era provides you with a complete ebook to enjoy this popular period of music.

Complementing these are our two Art Appreciation courses provided with the Year 9A course: Capturing Modernity Through Photographs and Art with the Fauves.   These Music and Art Appreciation courses provide a whole semester worth of resources in addition to the choices provided to all subscribers and do not require the purchase of any further resources, giving you and your student a broad Creative Arts feast.

Within our 9B course we are pleased to offer families Art and Music Appreciation courses for that semester: Classical Composers of the Modern Era and Appreciating Modern Art. The first of these two ebooks provide you with detailed notes on Strauss, Stravinsky, Bartok and Copland, as well as listening pieces from Debussy, Ravel, Shostakovich and Britten, while the second examines key artists of the modern era, including Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, O’Keeffe and Indigenous artist Emily Kame Kngwarreye. No need to buy any further resources but you can feel confident that you have a quality product to inspire and teach your teenager.

We also offer a Creative Arts Subject Guide to help you choose resources and opportunities for your teenager if this is an area they are interested in and would like to pursue further as an elective.

Physical Education

We have included a series of fun kids exercises in our online WOW – workout world classes.

Personal Health & Development 

This commonsense subject is taught through the activities of daily living and participation in local sports and community events.  Our Healthy Conversations Checklist 9 and 10 is provided so you can teach respectful relationships and personal growth as you deem appropriate. This is a feature of all our My Homeschool Graded Courses so you can be sure you are covering what is age-appropriate. We also encourage you to include a devotional time as an important part of your teenager’s personal development.

As a part of our My Homeschool program we have already made sure that you are covering the Australian Curriculum and NSW Syllabus compulsory subjects and explore a range of electives subjects. The core curriculum of our Year Nine course includes many subjects only studied as electives at this stage of education, such as geography, commerce and economics, creative arts, civics and governance, and PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education). This gives your teenager an excellent foundation to start their chosen electives. However, to complete an elective subject you will need to add some more content to your teenager’s weekly schedule, and we’ve prepared Subject Guides for our Year Nine course to help you do just that.

By Year Nine we understand that many teenagers have a particular area of interest or skill that they would like more time to pursue and excel at. This is one of the marvelous aspects of home education! We really want your homeschool and teenager to thrive; so we have created for you a range of comprehensive Subject Guides to help you create a tailor-made program within the additional areas your teenager is interested in. Your Year Nine course gives you access to Subject Guides in the areas of:

  • Science and Nature Study,
  • Commerce and Economics,
  • Geography,
  • History,
  • Technology and Design,
  • Creative Arts,
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE)
  • Foreign Languages.

Each of these Subject Guides clearly shows the Australian Curriculum and NESA Syllabus requirements, includes booklists of Living Books and offers project ideas and concepts. You can simply read through and click to order the resources you want. We have spent time to offer you well-curated lists for you so you can choose from the best resources to help your high school homeschool succeed at this level. These are designed to offer your teenager a meaningful opportunity to support the development and mastery of their own skills and potential.

Time is allocated each week for two elective choices to support your teenager well, continuing to reinforce the benefits of the broad feast of a Charlotte Mason inspired home education. We know you will love these Subject Guides and it will make it so easy for you to create a work program that will inspire and challenge your teenager in their areas of interest.

Bonus Elective Feature: Given most electives are studied over two years, these Subject Guides include more than enough resources so you can use them to help you plan your Year 10 elective courses too.

We do not do your registration plans for you. Registration applications are meant to be specific for each individual child and so you, as the parent, are the best person to do this.  Registration remains your responsibility.

My Homeschool provides you with plenty of support for preparing your registration documentation, including:

  • An Education Plan outlining our curriculum for 12 months in the Primary Full Version and 6 months in the Lite version. This is a Microsoft Word document that you can adjust to suit your own needs.
  • A comprehensive Scope and Sequence document using Australian Curriculum and NSW Syllabus codes and outcomes.
  • End of Term report templates that are mostly done; you just need to add a few details specific to your child and their progress.
  • A week by week planner that you can print off, with plenty of space to make notes specific to your child. This means no need to keep a daily diary!
  • An end of year Certificate of Completion (Full Program).
  • Our Community Forum where you can have your questions about registration answered by experienced homeschoolers.
  • Prompts and reminders to collect work as part of your child’s portfolio to show progress and development.
  • Tips on a smooth re-registration process.

The My Homeschool State Rego and Planning course guides you through your state or territory’s application process for homeschool registration when using our courses.

The My Homeschool team includes experienced home educators who provide mentor support and help you deal with issues as they arise. We don’t provide tutoring or specific lesson support on an individual, one-on-one basis.

We are always happy to answer questions about our curriculum and how to implement it and we encourage our members to get involved in the Community Forum.

We have a vibrant online community where you can share stories and help others, purchase books you might need and connect with other My Homeschool families in your area.

You are the teacher and you oversee lessons. We provide homeschool teacher training as well through our self-paced courses How To Homeschool 101 and for our more experienced members the Boost Your Homeschool.

We are continually adding to our collection of resources to help support you in your role as teacher to your children.

Each week has its own Weekly Planner checklist which is available in an online format or as a downloadable PDF to print and store in a folder, making record keeping easy.

At the end of each term there is a downloadable report of work achieved over the term. Parents add comments and assessments of their child’s progress in each area of learning.

We know that parents want their children to thrive and that testing is popular in many school environments as a measure of progress.  When you homeschool you do not need to test your children as much as they do at school, as you are assessing as you go.

We give you tips and support on how to assess your child in a way that suits homeschooling, so you can be confident that your child is progressing well in your homeschool.

Year Nine Homeschool Curriculum – End of Term Examinations 

The 9th week of each term has been allocated to assessment and optional examinations.

The exams given are not like those in a traditional school with grades but rather as an assessment tool for the parent and an opportunity for your child to share what they have learnt. They are not meant to be a stressful event or a tool for comparison with peers or siblings, but rather a way to assess progress of your child throughout the year.

You will need to purchase some books and resources that are not provided. These will cost no more than $200 each semester. Resources like a maths program and Mystery of History you will purchase in Semester One but use all year so you can expect the costs to be lower in Semester Two.  A comprehensive list of books used is found in the Resource List provided with the purchase of a course and we provide links where these can be purchased or found free online.

Will I be able to teach this program? It sounds quite academic.

It’s natural to feel a little daunted when we think about teaching our children. We don’t want to intimidate you, we are here to support you. We won’t send you a bunch of downloads and send you on your way. We also teach you how to teach. Our guides and homeschool expertise will help you instruct your children. You can also post questions on our forum when you hit a snag. You’ll learn some new things and brush up on old things as you teach your children. It’s a very satisfying experience and many veteran homeschoolers report co-learning as one of the unexpected benefits of homeschooling.

I'd like to know what books you use. Can I see the booklists?

Our booklist are carefully curated and are only available as a part of our program.

My Homeschool uses living books in many subjects. Some are for your child to read alone, and some are to be read aloud by the parent. We also include some online and audio book options. Books allocated for reading aloud provide an opportunity for families to discuss them broadly. Parents are able to offer the scaffolding and support which will help their child navigate the literature which may be challenging for a variety of reasons.

We do use secular books and these do not always line up perfectly with a Christian world view. This also reflects Charlotte Mason’s approach. We have tried our best to make good choices in our literature and we have read what we recommend. We have rejected many books in the process of writing this curriculum. Finding a perfect book is almost impossible but our book selection is thought out and many of our books are recommended by others who follow a Charlotte Mason education.

We’ve also included culturally significant Australian literature which often highlights what was happening in the era it was written. For this reason, some of the literature may well be ‘politically incorrect’ or old fashioned by today’s standards, but at the time of writing it was not. These books offer an opportunity to teach your child about the culture of the times.

Our books were chosen with the Australian Curriculum in mind, however we understand that you may not want to read all the books we have chosen. Feel free to replace them with a title that suits your family’s needs.

We offer alternatives and extension suggestions in our My Homeschool Reading Lounge. This is our exclusive online library catalogue of book list suggestions and alternatives.

Can I just buy individual subjects and resources?

My Homeschool does provide many free homeschool resources.

Our curriculum is a structured program so we do not sell our curriculum separately.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the My Homeschool graded courses meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum, the Western Australian Curriculum and the New South Wales Education Standards Authority Syllabuses.

If you are planning on using My Homeschool as your main curriculum, we suggest you consider your approach to mix and matching resources as you may experience overlap or gaps in subsequent years. For this reason, we recommend buying appropriate grades for each child so that you will have a sequential well curated curriculum.

Will this work for teaching multiple children?

Choice has been built into this curriculum to give you the flexibility you need for teaching multiple ages and adapting to the special needs and interests of your child/children.  We encourage families to do read-alouds, nature study, handicrafts, art and music appreciation as a group.


Our World History subject from Year 2 to Year 6 encourages parents to read aloud the history content. When teaching a few children in this age group at once we recommend you only teach one history cycle at a time. Since World History is not part of the Australian Curriculum this will not impact your curriculum compliance.

More details on working with multiple children can be found here.

I already have a very busy life? How much time will this involve?

My Homeschool follows the Charlotte Mason practice of shorter lessons so there is time for the student to follow other interests. Approximately three to four days per week is allocated to group study and parent reading aloud in the primary years. In high school we have written a four day schedule with Day 5 free for other planned educational activities.

Your day will usually include consistent lesson time in the mornings, leaving afternoons free for natural learning and play. You can also get some of your jobs done and pursue other interests.

Year 9 Homeschool Curriculum

Year Nine Homeschool Curriculum

Our Year Nine homeschool curriculum is a literature rich, family friendly homeschool program written for Australian children.
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