Australian Map For Kids

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Australian Map For Kids – Traveller’s Map

This pictorial Australian map is full of little details that help your child learn the places of Australia.

Children will be intrigued as they search the map looking for places like Monkey Mia, the Great Australian Bight, Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Harbour.

Australia map for kids

Australian Map For Kids Ideas

This map is also sold as a tourist map so travellers can journal their holiday in the special spaces provided around the edges.

We have found that these spaces are also good for adding map markers.

Our map markers are things like state flags, floral emblems or short notes that may be symbolic to that part of Australia.

A child may note where they live or where their cousins live. It can be quite individual.

This award-winning Australian Map For Kids is an artist’s impression and not a navigational aid.

Journey Jottings has provided this map at a discounted rate for educational purposes (map colours may vary slightly due to availability).

Printed on eco-friendly paper the map is 60cm x 42cm when open

Postage: $3:00

Note: Map may vary slightly in design with different editions.

Note: This is used as a part of the Year 2 My Homeschool Curriculum package.