Our Sunburnt Country

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Our Sunburnt Country by Arthur Baillie

Our Sunburnt Country is a classic Australian history book. It will capture your child’s interest with its smooth-flowing stories and charming illustrations. Above all it’s a story, taking children through the key events in Australia’s history in a way they can understand.

Our Sunburnt Country begins with the arrival of Australia’s indigenous people and continues right up to modern times. However, it isn’t just a bunch of facts in chapters. Rather it has simple engaging style which brings to life and context to the historical events that have shaped this nation and culture.

Our Sunburnt Country – Delightful Australian History

Arthur Baillie wrote the first edition of this Australian history book back in the 1960s at the start of his teaching career.  Fifty years later, the author, who was still a keen student of history, updated and revised the book to include recent events and add in additional content about indigenous history.

When reading this story style history of Australia you will:

  • introduce your child to Australia’s heritage from First Australians to modern times,
  • chronologically read through the events that have shaped this nation,
  • cover the Australian Curriculum history component for Year 4 – 6.

A Quick Reference Index at the back of the book makes this a handy aid to basic facts about Australia’s history.

Charlotte Mason Living Book

For this reason, numerous homeschooling families, bloggers and Charlotte Mason booklists highly recommended this Australian history book. In fact, that is why we had it reprinted and updated. We knew it was in demand and that it would be an asset to your homeschool.

I first read this Australian history book to my two oldest children when they were 7 and 8 and they LOVED IT. It was my first attempt using Charlotte Mason’s idea of reading living books. We would snuggle on the couch and I would finish a chapter and they would ask for another.

They were not the only ones to benefit for I learnt my Australian history for the first time (better late than never!).

Read this neat package of Australian history as an overview. Then delve deeper into other Australian history topics if desired.

This book is used in our Year 5 My Homeschool Curriculum.

Read aloud from ages 7.

Read alone from ages 10 up.

Book details: ebook with 144 pages and colour illustrations.