International Home Schooling

At My Homeschool we cater for families looking for an international schooling options.

For many parents, choosing the best educational options for their children is one of the most important decisions they will make as a family. Selecting a course that balances the faith, wellbeing and developmental needs of your child alongside offering a solid educational foundation is crucial.

My Homeschool understands the needs families have for international schooling needs and we are pleased to provide rigorous and innovative courses for those families that wish to see their children receive a high-quality education and thrive.

International Homeschooling from Home

Founded On The Australian Curriculum

Families from around the world use My Homeschool programs with children starting from 5 years of age and studying through to 16 years old. With a structured curriculum that is based on the Australian Curriculum and the New South Wales syllabus, My Homeschool graded courses have a strong literacy and numeracy focus that we know families are seeking to support their international schooling needs.

Our strong program is founded on Christian values, a love of learning, and living books to inspire and educate. Our responsive and energetic team assist hundreds of families to teach a range of grades throughout Australia, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Europe each year. Families are attracted to using the Australian Curriculum as their education standard as it is acknowledged as offering a comprehensive approach to learning and prepares students to attend any of the number of high quality universities found in Australia.

Inspired By British Educator Charlotte Mason

With a Charlotte Mason inspired course you can offer your child a wide variety of subjects and the opportunity to pursue their interests and talents far beyond your homeschool. Whether it is science, fine arts, technology and design, sport, or dramatic arts, there are so many options you can build into your individual learning program and enjoy watching your child excel. My Homeschool graded courses are designed to support independent learning while providing opportunities for you to blend group activities and extra-curricular lessons, giving just the right balance between both key educational components. This is why families around the world are choosing My Homeschool for their international schooling needs.

Legal Requirements For Registration in Your Country

You are responsible for your child’s registration and you make the application to homeschool in the country you are living (if required). We do not prepare your application to homeschool but you will find our supporting documents and templates useful when making an application.

International Students Enrolling In A My Homeschool Course

We are a supplier of curriculum and a support service to homeschoolers but we are not a registered international school. We do not offer accreditation or academic transcripts. When you buy our courses you have not enrolled in a school.

At My Homeschool we offer a Classical / Charlotte Mason education which is recognised by high quality education institutions around the world.  Our goal is to give parents the confidence they need to provide a robust, modern curriculum with a global focus. In meeting the Australian Curriculum we also ensure parents understand that our curriculum is following international trends in education.

We have had extensive positive feedback from education department representatives across Australia about how My Homeschool not only meets the requirements of the Australian Curriculum but also furnishes homeschooling parents with the opportunities for personalising their own homeschool program.

What We Provide For Documentation

Our curriculum still provides  documentation that can be useful as evidence or learning. When you use our curriculum we offer you:

  • Quarterly/Term Report Templates – that you then fill out as a record of progress.
  • Yearly Plan Template – this details our curriculum plan for the year. You add the personal touches.
  • Scope and Sequence – this is a detailed document for the grade you have purchased. It is mapped out to the Australian Curriculum and can be used as an evidence document of work completed while using our course.
  • Certificate of Completion in the full course grades
  • We do offer some examination options from Year 5 but these are parent assessed.

We empower parents to be the educators of their children.

Your Responsibly With Our Program

When you use My Homeschool you buy the curriculum and you have the flexibility to run the schedule or even change around the curriculum if desired. My Homeschool is not a school, a distance education school or a tutoring service. We are a homeschool curriculum provider.

You are the teacher and you oversee lessons. We don’t provide lesson support to students (but you are welcome to access tutors for yourself). We do provide homeschool teacher training through our self-paced courses How To Homeschool  and Boost Your Homeschool which are available to all members. We also provide the home educator support through our community forum. We are always happy to answer questions about our curriculum and how to implement it.

You are not accountable to us. You can begin our curriculum at any time in the year but we always recommend you start at Week 1. If you like to follow the school term schedule you can but it is not compulsory.

You don’t send any work to us. You mark their work and keep their records.

International School Grade Comparison Chart

International School Grade Comparison Chart

Community Support For International Homeschooling

When choosing the right international schooling option for your family we appreciate that community is important and so My Homeschool is pleased to offer a supportive and encouraging community for parents and students alike. High schoolers can delve into our online orientation and student common room options and families love our “Work Out World” and extensive homeschooling online courses for parents. The international My Homeschool community is diverse and welcoming, and our team take an interest in all our families. We love to see the successes within My Homeschool families and students from the My Homeschool community are pursuing a range of tertiary education options, making the most of their homeschooling preparing them for the many quality university courses available within Australia.  Students are taught how to be independent and responsible, try new things, challenge themselves, and develop their God-given talents.

Thank you for the warm welcome. Yes, we are Filipino expat family of 5 residing in Malaysia for almost 4 years now. Since 2010, we have been moving countries from Pacific to South Asia and Southeast Asia. Malaysia, by far, has been our longest relocation.

The decision to homeschool came after our resident visa to Australia has been delayed due to pandemic. For the past 2 terms we were DIY homeschooling (while waiting for our visa) using Australian curriculum as a guide on lessons and topics. But after 2 terms, I realized it was just drills and exercises. The learning was not holistic. The teacher in me (I was a licensed teacher in the Philippines before moving abroad), I searched the web and look for a homeschool provider, and that’s when I stumbled upon your website. After thorough reading and inquiries (Amanda has been very accommodating with my queries), we decided to register at My Homeschool.

We are on our 3rd week now and we love everything about My Homeschool curriculum. My kids came from a British school, and it was a smooth transition for them. In fact, some of the techniques and reading materials, they had at their previous school (like the Peter Rabbit book). Plus being exposed to Australian culture for several years…topics relating to/about Australia are easily understood. One challenging, since we are offshore, is that there are topics that could have been more exciting if we are in Australia, like the Australian or lesson on Plants Life. For now, we can do cope with videos and pictures on the internet (i.e., photos of Blue Mountains and Australian money).

But in general, two thumbs-up for the My Homeschool curriculum. It is very well curated that even if we are abroad, we can easily adopt it.

Thank you.

May from KL, Malaysia

International Homeschool Review, Year 1 Curriculum

My Homeschool offers the perfect opportunity to be connected to the Australian schooling system, while being a part of the international community, no matter where you live in the world. Cultural diversity becomes a part of the lives of the children as they can enjoy friendships around the world with the collegiate atmosphere. Many students feel Australian even if they aren’t living there at the moment. We appreciate that many families find that the courses being structured on Australian Curriculum provide consistency and continuity no matter where they are learning from (or might relocate to!) while allowing for the flexibility to learn more about your home country too.

Whether you are searching for a seriously academic international schooling, seeking to foster talents in the arts, supporting bilingual opportunities, or needing an option to support additional individual needs, My Homeschool has your international education options covered and we look forward to hearing from you.

We really enjoy your homeschool program. It is really helpful and practical for us.

We found out about your program from the Internet. And your home school program makes us feel like we have a personal operator. That is why we choose it.

Many thanks & regards,


Yadana from the Thailand

International Homeschool Reviews, Year 1 Curriculum

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