Online Homeschooling – Kindergarten to Year 10

At My Homeschool we decided to make an online schooling community for home educators.

Online homeschooling

So many of the online schooling options seemed so impersonal but not with us. We aim to connect with our families.

Yes we have all our online homeschool lessons locked up in digital cupboards but we also have an online forum for educators to ask questions and interact.

At my homeschool we’ve built community into our online school. we are more than a virtual homeschool cupboard, we are a virtual staffroom for home educators.

This Is What You’ll Get When You Join My Homeschool’s Online School

We designed a streamlined online homeschooling curriculum so you could educate your kids from kindergarten to Grade 10.

No more guesswork and gaps. We’ve worked it all out for you and we give you a comprehensive scope and sequence with each grade.

  • We have online and offline work.
  • We created some group lessons and read-alouds so the family could learn together.
  • We read the recommended books so you are alerted to potential issues.
  • We created our resources efficiently so you cover multiple subjects simultaneously.
  • We kept lesson times short and varied so your kids wouldn’t be overwhelmed.
  • We made independent lessons at grade level so you they’ll be appropriate
  • We added extension work so your child could explore topics that interest them.
  • We made it challenging enough so early entry into university is an option.

We use Moodle, a popular online learning platform used by many institutions and universities.

  • We put our online lessons in one virtual cupboard for each grade so you don’t waste time finding misplaced resources.
  • We use an App so you can access the planner and some lessons from your phone.
  • We added digital mediums such as video, movies and websites to enhance learning. We even have a virtual gym.
  • We kept extra costs low so if you don’t want to buy it, you can view it online.

We Use Blended Online Homeschooling Learning

This online schooling format allows you to record your progress and access your lessons from multiple digital devices and locations.

This format also allows us to keep our resources current.

Our courses require a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer and a printer.

PDFs can be downloaded. Other resources, such as videos, can only be seen within our learning platform.

Most of our classes require reading from a real book or paper-based resource.

Writing exercises involve pencils and paper and many lessons are oral or conversation based.

Online Homeschooling Australia or Distance Education School Online

Here are some of the differences between distance education online schools and Online Homeschooling Australia:

  • Accountability: When you are with a registered online school you are accountable to a school.  Your child is actually still a school student and not technically homeschooled.  With My Homeschool you are not accountable to us; we give you the choice to run your online homeschooling Australia as desired. You are responsible for your child’s registration and you make the application to homeschool.
  • Flexibility: When using a distance education provider or online school they run the schedule and set the curriculum that must be done. When you use My Homeschool you still enrol in our courses but you have flexibility to run the schedule or even change around the curriculum if desired.  You are in control of your schedule and can take holidays whenever you want. If you like to follow the school schedule then you can.
  • Documentation: In both cases you will need to complete paperwork, if you are enrolled in a registered online school then you send the paperwork to the school. If you are a registered homeschooler then you may need to send some documentation to reregister (however this varies from state to state). When you use My Homeschool you don’t send any work to us. However we do provide templates and guidance on filling out the required paperwork.
  • Online Support: Online schools offer some support to students. At My Homeschool we have a virtual staff room in our community forum and our resources are written so that the parent or student can learn along the way.
  • Cost: Generally online homeschooling options tend to be lower cost because there are no teachers to pay.
  • Enrolment Criteria: When using distance education schools there are often conditions to entry such as where you live or whether or not you meet certain criteria. At My Homeschool you can enrol in our courses simply by paying for the course. It does not matter if you live overseas.

How Much Is Online School Work?

Your child will need to access our online learning platform to complete some of their online lessons. A laptop, tablet, or desktop computer will work well. Your smart phone can be used for a quick review, or on the go, but it’s not the best long-term option for online reading and watching videos.

Our courses are set out in three sections:
• Before You Start – This has the files that you will need to help you get going with our course. (This is for the parent)
• The Virtual Cupboard – stores all the lesson resources. (This is for the parent)
• Weekly Topics – This section is set out into the 18 weeks of the semester. It includes all the online links, and videos needed for that week in one handy place. No need to surf the internet looking for information, or find a PDF to open, because we’ve conveniently set it all up for you, so they can go straight to the place we recommend. Your child can also check off activities and you are sent an email when they complete their lessons for the week. (This is for the student)

Offline Work

Whilst we are utilizing this platform for learning, many of our lessons require reading from a real book or a paper-based resource.

Our notebooking activities use pen and paper (some could be done digitally if preferred). Additional time online will be included if your maths online.

A Virtual Cupboard in the Primary Years

The main strength of this Online Homeschooling Australia platform is that all of your resources are stored in one place. However in the primary years hardly any of their work will be done online. You will be able to download the material and print it off.

In Kindergarten hardly any of their work will be done online.

In the primary years the parent teacher will benefit from having the online school resources available on their phone and there are also links to some videos but your child will not be writing their work online and they will be reading from real books.

Once they get to Year 5 they are starting to do more online work but there is still lots of offline reading and paper based notebooking. We also do not have children googling information. We have at times provided direct links that we have watched prior to suggesting them.

High School on Our Online Homeschooling Australia

From Year 7 and Year 9 there are still lots of real books to read and notebooking activities. We are expecting students to do more independent work and have provided links to explore however there are no online quizzes or online activities. We still have many learning opportunities that include field trips and artistic pursuits.

Online Homeschooling Australia Safety

Keeping your kids safe on line is very important. That’s why our platform works so well for online homeschooling Australia. We have embeded most of the videos for your child to watch within the platform. We’ve also watched the videos to make sure there are no nasty surprises. Your child won’t need to browse the web to do ‘research’ as we’ve done the research and provided direct access to the link.

We’ve taken days, weeks and months to collate child appropriate online learning material to give you confidence that your child will be watching quality instructional materials.

We’ve also got a place on our community forum to report broken links.

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