A Comprehensive Guide to Homeschool Programs

Before diving into the world of homeschool programs, it’s important to take some time to understand your family’s needs and goals. Consider factors such as your family learning style, your teaching preferences, and any specific educational goals you have for your children. This will help you narrow down your options and find a homeschool program that aligns with your family’s unique needs and values.

It’s also important to consider the long-term implications of your homeschool program choice. As your child progresses through their education, you’ll want to ensure that they have access to the necessary resources and preparation for higher education or future career paths.

Explore Homeschool Program Options.

When choosing a homeschool program, one of the most important factors to consider is the actual education program offered. There are a wide variety of homeschooling curriculum options available, ranging from traditional textbooks to online programs and everything in between.

Take the time to research different homeschool program providers and consider factors such as the subjects covered, teaching methods used, and whether the curriculum aligns with your state registration requirements and your education philosophy or worldview. Additionally, consider your child’s learning style and preferences, as this can greatly impact their engagement and success in their homeschooling journey.

Here is a list of 20 home education questions to ask yourself to help you work out your educational goals.

When considering online homeschool programs, be sure to research the platform’s reputation, user reviews, and customer support options to ensure it meets your family’s needs.


Make Good Choices When Buying A Homeschool Program

Buying the wrong homeschool program can really suck the joy out of homeschooling, so if you take the time now to research you can avoid many of the curriculum mistakes newbies make when they first start homeschooling.

Why Consider Our Online Homeschool Programs?

The My Homeschool online homeschool programs offer a flexible and convenient option for families who prefer a mix of digital learning and offline work. We use a customised version of Moodle to deliver your lessons.

Our programs provide a comprehensive curriculum that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. Our programs include interactive lessons, multimedia resources, and tools to track progress.

But we also have a lot of work that can be done away from screens. Many of our homeschool resources are real books or PDFs that can be printed and read in a paper-based format if desired.

Our homeschool program also encourages you to get outdoors whilst enjoying nature study and field trips. Free time is equally important so we keep your schedule flexible so you can fit in all the special projects you want to do as a family.

We also offer support from experienced homeschool mentors and give you exclusive access to our online community of other homeschooling parents.

You can find out more about online homeschooling in Australia with My Homeschool here. 

Student Enrichment Homeschool Programs

At My Homeschool we wanted to make sure your child didn’t miss out on the generous feast a Charlotte Mason education has to offer.

And because we are homeschooling parents ourselves, we also know when homeschooling multiple children, it’s best to combine lessons when possible. That’s why we made our enrichment courses available to all our grades. You get to pick and choose what and how you’ll teach these topics, and you can enjoy the family learning experience.

These courses are not sold separately and are exclusive to our My Homeschool learning community.

Art Appreciation Homeschool Program

Look Closer – A Simple Start to Art Appreciation for Kids– This is a year-long course for families wanting to include weekly art appreciation easily into their family time. Each term focuses on a different theme in art, with 8 different artworks studied each term. Suitable for all ages, this is a great resource for families with younger students or those new to including art appreciation in their weekly schedule.

Exploring Colour in Art– This is a course that explores the use and spectrum of colour in art, studying its use by various artists and through many different art movements and styles. It has been designed to fit easily into your family time, with a weekly lesson for each of the 8 weeks of term, across the 4 terms of the year. Suitable for all ages.

World Master Picture Study– introduces fine art to your child in an easy-to-use format especially designed for homeschoolers! Use this in your group study time as an easily accessible way to learn about some of the greatest artists and their finest works.

Australian Artist Picture Study – includes famous Australian art works to study including some indigenous artists.

Senior Students Independent Art Studies

Our senior studies art lessons are not part of our group study. They are set up for independent study.

Art of the Middle Ages – This is a Year 8 study using artworks based on historical events during the Middle Ages.

Renaissance Artists – highlights the work of artists during this period. Year 8.

Japanese Art Study– in Year 8 we also have an art study that ties in with the history of Japan.

Art Electives – Available with Year 9 & 10 Course purchases only.

Music Appreciation Homeschool Program

Pick a rotation for your whole family and work through it once a week. To enhance your child’s experience, you can also play music at other times in the background. We’ve given you a few links for that as well.

Our first rotation is all about learning to listen to music. It will help train the beginner’s ear to hear the nuances of classical music. It’s a great introduction for the parent and student. We have two resources; both include weekly lessons for 32 weeks.

Our second rotation features eight composers. We’ve included radio shows, video clips, and some biographies. This rotation could be done as a group or older primary students could do this independently.

Our third rotation has famous ballet stories and opera highlights for you to watch. And don’t think these are all posh and hard for kids to appreciate because we’ve got some Disney and Muppet interpretations they’re going to love!

Our senior studies rotation is not part of our group study it is set up for independent study. It includes several musical genres including classical, opera, and modern musical scores.

Handicrafts Homeschool Program

Charlotte Mason included handicrafts in her schedules to encourage creativity, diligence, creativity, and satisfaction. Children enjoy being able to make things for the ones they love, and it teaches so many fine motor skills as well. Here at My Homeschool, we appreciate the need to work with our heads, hearts, and hands and we are happy to provide these resources to help you include more handicrafts in your homeschool.

Living Books Reading Lounge

Finding living books takes time and research. We’ve given you a shortcut. Our virtual library is a homeschool resource you will find quite handy.

You will find additional living books on various topics. Use for free reading or when looking for alternative living book titles when using our homeschool program.

We hope you can find some treasured books here to add to your homeschool library.

All homeschool packages include access to our Reading Lounge.

Work Out World - Gym Class


We’ve chosen a selection of activities for your children to enjoy. You may like to do the activities as a family or have your children do them independently in their scheduled activity time. Your children should be trying to do something active every day or at least five times a week.

  • Yoga
  • Karate
  • Dance
  • Active games
  • Aerobic workouts
  • Stretching and relaxation
  • Phys Ed and Swedish drill
  • Bollywood and Bhangra dance
  • Workouts for Mum and Dad.

O Week For High School

Here at My Homeschool, we love to see our families thrive and know that your student can too, no matter what your schooling looked like before you joined My Homeschool. We hope this homeschool resource will help your high schooler understand our education principles and how they can enjoy their homeschool program to the full.

We give them a quick rundown on using the Charlotte Mason method for high school and show them how we are preparing them for excellent academic outcomes.

This course will help your high schooler feel a part of a very big classroom where many other students are following the same curriculum.

Parent Resources and Support Homeschool Program.

State Rego and Planning Course

In addition to all the learning plans and documents we provide within individual courses we also provide you with a self-paced registration course that covers things like what to expect on your registration visit (for NSW and WA families), how to prepare for re-registration, and we also provide sample reports.

Community Forum: Our Virtual Home Educator's Staffroom

Think of this as a place to have a chat with homeschool colleagues and share ideas about what’s happening in your homeschool classrooms. Start discussions and tell us stories about your journey. Ask questions about our homeschool curriculum.

Professional Development for Home Educators

We believe a homeschool curriculum should also support the home educator. That’s why we are pleased to include teaching resources with courses.

All homeschool programs include:

How To Teach Homeschool 101

Our How to Teach Homeschooling gives you a general introduction to many of the basic ideas of homeschooling.

Topics list:

  • An introduction to the homeschool lifestyle and learning with your kids.
  • Explanations on content for all the key learning areas/subjects.
  • Teaching techniques used by My Homeschool including ideas from Charlotte Mason.
  • Tips on how to organise your day.
  • Ideas on harnessing natural learning opportunities.
  • What about socialisation?
  • A few ideas for teaching with special needs.
  • How to make a planner and a portfolio.

Boost Your Homeschool

Our Boost Your Homeschool program will give you the teaching techniques to take your homeschool to the next level of homeschooling. This homeschool resource is for homeschoolers who feel like they have mastered the basics & seasoned home educators.

Topics list:

  • How to assess your child.
  • Teaching a foreign language.
  • Teaching Shakespeare.
  • Teaching current affairs.
  • Setting up a thriving co-op.
  • Healthy Habits for homeschool mothers.
  • Charlotte Mason’s Principles and more.
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