My Homeschool Book of Centuries

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A timeline history notebook to capture maps, moments, and memorable people through the ages.

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This resource is used in all our My Homeschool Courses from Grade 5/ Year 5.


What’s In My Homeschool Book Of Centuries

There are five parts to this book.

  • Family Timeline
  • Table of Centuries
  • Maps
  • Book of Centuries Timeline: This part is filled out over the course of a child’s education, often starting around age 10 and continuing into high school. New entries are added each year as new periods of history are studied.
  • Notes: At the back of the book there is space for additional notes or sketches about history that have may not fit neatly within  a particular century.

See sample pages below.

Book of Centuries Sample Page 1
Book of Centuries Sample Page 4
Book of Centuries Sample Page 7
Book of Centuries Sample Page 2
Book of Centuries Sample Page 5
Book of Centuries Sample Page 8
Book of Centuries Sample Page 3
Book of Centuries Sample Page 6
Book of Centuries Sample Page 9

Record History Chronologically With A Book of Centuries

Charlotte Mason encouraged children to make a timeline notebook that recorded famous people, events, and dates. These books were used across all subjects and were designed to be a keepsake. The purpose of this type of book was to help children picture history chronologically. It is a child’s own reference book of history which is commenced around the age of ten years old and continued throughout their education. It is usually best to allow each child to have their own book. However some families choose to make this a collective exercise and the make a Family Book of Centuries.

A Homeschool Keepsake

“The Book of Centuries, is a great joy to the owner, and even in these busy days it is possible to find some time, however short, to add an illustration from time to time. Children always take a keen delight in their books. There is no need to be an artist in order to have quite an interesting book—neatness and accuracy are essential though. Museums will be clothed with fresh interest to keepers of these books, who will be able to recognise objects which have already become familiar old friends through their Books of Centuries”. Getrude M Bernau—Principal of the PNEU

Drawing inspiration from the time-honoured practice detailed in the Charlotte Mason Method and Classical Homeschooling, the My Homeschool Book of Centuries will transform your history studies into a creative external memory of events, people and places that can be used throughout the homeschool years.

While keeping this Book of Centuries you will:

  • Make a Personal Reference: Create your own chronical and index the people you learn about by placing them in our Table of Centuries.
  • Understand the Flow of History: A simple entry into your Book of Centuries can place an event in its historical context and help make connections with other significant occurrences during the same era.
  • Get Creative: Discover ways to illustrate and personalize your Book of Centuries, turning it into a work of art that reflects your unique perspective on history. Each century has pages for your own illustrations, and we also provide a section for you to place maps.
  • Ignite a Lifelong Love for Learning: This engaging method equips you with the tools to inspire a lifelong passion for history and learning.

Whether you're a homeschooling parent seeking a dynamic teaching resource to use as a family or for just one student, the My Homeschool Book of Centuries offers an invaluable resource for your educational journey. Unearth the secrets of the past, celebrate the achievements of humanity, and cultivate a deeper appreciation of history through the passage of time.

Embark on a time-traveling adventure with My Homeschool Book of Centuries, and witness history come to life as never before.

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This resource is used in all our My Homeschool Courses from Grade 5/ Year 5.

Available from Amazon in Hardback and Paperback