Exploring Downunder | Australian Geography For Kids

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Exploring Downunder: An Australian Geography Journey for Kids

Australia is a land filled with great big things. There is the Great Barrier Reef, Great Artesian Basin, Great Dividing Range, Great Australian Bight, Great Victorian Desert, Great Sandy Desert, and the Great Ocean Road. Our mainland has the big rock—Uluru, the biggest salt lake, the biggest coal port, the biggest fence, and the biggest group of feral camels. We have even made our own big tourist attractions like the Big Banana, Big Pineapple, and the Big Lobster—just to name a few. And one of the very great big things about Australia is how diverse the geography is.

Forming a mental map of Australia’s geography in the mind of a child is what this book aspires to do. Your child will learn about Australia’s mountains, lakes, and significant geographical features, region by region and place by place, it also takes your child on a delightful detour to visit Australia’s territories and neighbouring countries.

Enrich your child’s knowledge of Australia, as we gently unfold a journey Exploring Down Under!

Ages: 5 to 10
Paperback: 104 pages
Curriculum Alignment Australia: Kindergarten to Year 3

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Australian Geography Curriculum Alignment

Humanities and Social Science Australian Curriculum v9 – Foundation to Year 3 

  • Exploring familiar places and how they are special AC9HSFK03
  • The importance of country, place and the interconnections of First Nations Australians AC9HS204, AC9HSFK04
  • Share narratives and observations about the past and places AC9HSFS05
  • Natural and managed features in local places, identifies hills, rivers, vegetation and rivers AC9HS1K03
  • How places are represented spatially with geographical divisions AC9HS2K03
  • The representation of Australia as countries and states and the location of neighbouring countries and the similarities and differences. AC9HS3K03, AC9HS3K05
  • Pose questions and proposes conclusions about familiar places and events AC9HSFS01, AC9HFS04
  • Collect and sort geographical data (including pictorial maps and unscaled maps).  AC9HSFS02, AC9HS1S02, AC9HS2S02

NSW Curriculum Geography Outcomes (Stage 1 & 2) : GEe1-1, GEe1-2, GE1-1, GE1-2, GE1-3, GE2-1, GE1-2, GE2-4

Please note that whilst this resources meets many of the curriculum outcomes in the Australian Curriculum and NSW Geography Curriculum it does not meet them all. Further resources will be needed to meet all the requirements.