Year 3 Homeschool Curriculum

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Our Year Three homeschool curriculum is a literature rich, family friendly homeschool program for children.

Written to comply with the Australian Curriculum, NESA syllabus and WA Curriculum. Our Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum also includes New Zealand and international resources for those wanting a more global focused curriculum.

Recommended Ages: 8 to 9 years old.

International Grade Comparison

International School Grade Comparison chart

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Education Plan Template with Scope & Sequence
Term Reports & Portfolio Prompts
Art & Music Appreciation
Health and Development (PDHPE)
Global Goodies & Extension Resources
Parent Courses & Community Support
Enrichment Courses
Reusable Year to Year
Upgrade to Full
Additional Costs: maths text, optional books, printing & stationery
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What Course Program Should I Choose & When Can I Start?

Full Year Option

Our full program is 32 weeks of work split into 4 terms. It can be started at any time.

If you wish to begin mid-term or mid-year you can still pick up the course from Term One – Week One or another term. However, starting the course at a different week other than week one, will mean your reading schedule may need to be adjusted initially.

Lite Start Option

The Lite Start program is 6 months of work. It can be started at any time. We generally recommend our Lite Start courses for:

  • students starting mid-year, or for families who only want half a year of work.
  • DIY families preparing their own curriculum who want additional teaching material to supplement work at a grade level.
  • students who are repeating a grade.

Unlike the Full Year Option, our Lite Start Courses only meet part of the Australian Curriculum & NSW syllabus requirements for the corresponding grade.

  • Upgrade to full version available at an additional cost of $330.
Year 3 Homeschool Curriculum Summary

Stage 2 NSW Syllabus

In English Year Three students continue to work on developing their literacy skills. They enjoy poetry with a focus on Australia, and historical fiction. Using copywork, they begin learning how to write in cursive. Our content rich curriculum gives additional comprehension and writing opportunities.

Science includes a nature study resource that looks at plants and animals found in the backyard. Chemistry and Physics topics are covered using science readers with videos to support their learning. Earth Science includes a study of the Solar System.

For Humanities and Social Science students study the history of Ancient Rome and the Early Middle Ages and complete a timeline. Our geography covers Australia and our neighbouring countries. It also teaches mapping and atlas skills. Civics is taught through history and Australian emblems and symbols.

We also include Art Lessons and Music Appreciation courses for group study.

Online workout classes and other resources support the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education of your child.

While we do not include a Maths program, we do provide guidance on the best ones to select and offer exclusive discounts on recommended Mathematics products.

Global Goodies and Extension Resources are also provided with our Full Year Programs. These include a range of additional resources that can be used for families wishing to substitute some of our Australia specific content or looking for an extension of our curriculum. Please Note: Global Goodies are not included in the Lite Start Courses.

Simple Language appreciation resources are provided but you will need to purchase additional resources if you wish to focus on teaching a specific language. We give guidance and recommendations on this. Please Note: Languages are not included in the Lite Start Courses.

See our Year 3 Homeschool Curriculum Sample Lessons

We Use A Blended Learning Approach

At My Homeschool most of your lessons will be completed offline (reading from a book, doing a field trip, or writing in your notebooks) and some will be online learning (watching videos, reading online etc.).

All our resources are digital and are located on Moodle, a renowned online learning platform used by many schools and universities. Using this format means we give you exceptional functionality which enables you to record your progress, and access your lessons from various digital devices and locations.  This format also enables us to keep our resources fresh and dynamic.

A laptop, tablet, or desktop computer is needed to use our courses. Access to a printer is also necessary. PDFs can be downloaded and printed for offline reading but other resources can only be viewed from our learning platform.

The majority of our classes require reading from a real book or paper-based resource. Writing exercises involve pencils and paper and many lessons are oral or conversation based.

Video lessons require access to the My Homeschool learning portal.

The Moodle App can be downloaded onto your smartphone for on the go lessons and checking progress but is not recommended as the main digital device for reading and viewing lessons.

A Co-ordinated Curriculum

My Homeschool offers parents the confidence that their child is gaining knowledge, learning content, and developing skills in an age-appropriate way. This is achieved by presenting courses that follow a rich curriculum that ensures your child builds on their knowledge year after year.

From Foundation to Year 10 your child will have the benefit of a streamlined curriculum without overlaps and unnecessary busywork.

Our program development is based on the education philosophy of Charlotte Mason and the Australian Curriculum (which includes the NSW Syllabus & WA Curriculum). 

Registration and Reporting

At My Homeschool, we do not do your registration plans for you. Registration applications are meant to be specific for each individual child and so parents are the best person to do this. However, we make your registration (or an exemption) so much easier because we provide so much support for this process.  All our courses includes:

  • An Education Plan offered in a format that you can individualise for your child;
  • A Scope and Sequence showing how My Homeschool reflects the Australian Curriculum and NSW Syllabus;
  • End of Term Report templates;
  • A printable week-by-week planner with plenty of space to make notes specific to your child (no need to purchase a separate planner!); and
  • An online Weekly Planner, complete with links to all the online resources required.

We also provide you with access to our State Rego and Planning Course which guides you through your homeschool application (and some international options!) when using our courses.

We give you a shortcut to help you get straight into giving your child a delightful and robust education without spending days and days researching and tweaking unsuitable content.

Community Support
When you buy a course through My Homeschool you are joining a community that supports and mentors parents interested in educating their children academically and spiritually. All My Homeschool families have access to our vibrant Community Forum. This is the place where parents connect and share what is happening in their homeschool.  Expert homeschoolers are always there to share top tips and answer any questions you may have.

Teaching Support

We also offer regular teaching support opportunities and have an extensive library of homeschooling resources, including resources on the specific registration and reporting requirements of a number of states, territories and countries. Whether you are just starting out or have homeschooled for years, there is something to teach and inspire you.

Curated Content
We aim to give you confidence that you can educate your children with a worldview that honours Judeo-Christian principles whilst providing strong academic outcomes. Our resources are not predominantly Christian because we look for outstanding resources and often a secular resource is the best option. We have a number of families who use our curriculum who are secular or from other faiths and we do not include devotional material or specific religious instruction in our curriculum.

The Trouble With Tick The Box Year 3 Homeschool Curriculum

Cathy began aggressively questioning me on homeschooling using living books. She was a little scary. I found out her story. Cathy used a homeschool curriculum that was mostly worksheets and online work. She had little to do with the kids lessons.

She didn’t realise that homeschooling your kids without worksheets was an option. 

Now that she could see the potential of a living books education, she wanted to switch immediately.

As soon as I showed her a way, she knew this was going to be a turning point in her family’s homeschool journey. She was really excited.

But she had one other fear! How could she get registered in her state without a textbook Year Three Homeschool Curriculum?

This was stressing her out, it’s the same for most home educators. We need to meet our government homeschool requirements to stay registered (or get an exemption). There are a few ways people tackle this legal hurdle. 

Some homeschoolers give up their educational philosophy and go back to worksheets, textbooks and online tick the box products, some go unregistered and hope they don’t get caught, some send their kids back to school and some just lie about what they teach in order to pass registration/exemption. One friend I know even moved states just to avoid registering in NSW.

None of the above are the best option!

But I found a solution.

In 2007, I began helping families get their homeschool registration and put a curriculum together. Ten years later, my team and I launched My Homeschool – a complete and coordinated Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum from Foundation to Year 10. We’ve now helped thousands of families give their kids an inspiring education without having to worry about the stress of: ‘Am I doing enough?’ and “Will I get registered?’ I hope we can help you too!

Story by Michelle Morrow (Founder of My Homeschool)

After spending a few months thinking that the grass is greener with many different and beautiful looking curriculums, I am desperate to start our homeschool life back in the myhomeschool way of learning.  I have come to realise how thorough, rounded and beautiful your curriculum truly is.

I fell into that dangerous trap of doubting whether I was doing enough and then becoming addicted to all the YouTube videos of Homeschooling mums discussing in detail their homeschool curriculums.

I regrettably jumped on The Good and The Beautiful bandwagon and tried the Language Arts and Science curriculums, and they were indeed beautifully packaged and presented, however the content was too much - I'm not sure 9 year olds should be doing sentence diagramming, or trying to wrap their heads around the difference between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells!

I then tried Learning Language Arts Through Literature, which was more aligned to your/Emma Serle's PLL. Unfortunately it was too Americanised. I also tried Berean Builders Elementary Science, which we are enjoying, but trying to complete 3 lessons a week, plus experiments was again too much, so we will continue with this programme, but just as a read aloud once a week.

It gets worse!

I then bought some school workbooks for Aus history and geography (ReadyEd publications from Western Australia), thinking I should be keeping up with what the schools are doing. Everytime I opened the books, my son would complain about how boring they were, and I had to agree with him. And don't get me started on trying to work out the coloured parts of speech in Simply Homeschool whilst trying to fit in all the arts and craft projects I'd spotted on Pinterest!

I then tried to fill our already overloaded days with read alouds from Ambleside Online, Sonlight and The Brave Writer. I developed some beautiful excel spreadsheets detailing everything we were going to do each day, what pages we would be reading, what websites to be used etc. Of course none of it worked, as I'd forgotten the most crucial thing of all ... My son is only 9, not 49. He just wasn't enjoying it like we had been last year doing MyHomeschool year 3.

It was too much! Way too much!

So, it has been a great learning opportunity for me. It has made me realise I am doing enough and that simplicity is the key. A powerful key at that. I will revisit your Homeschooling 101 course and learn a lot more about the power of copywork, narrations and dictation.

Melanie from NSW

Homeschool Reviews, Year 3 Curriculum

It has definitely made me feel more organised (I just need to train the kids better, but I do feel it is slowly happening). I really like that I can trust that the book recommendations will be all "good" and I don't need to lose time chasing reviews etc...Overall I am finding it very adaptable, and I like the prompts for end of term reviews (that's one thing I just never got to before).

Anna from NSW

Homeschool Reviews, Year 1 and Year 3 Curriculum

I like all the core subjects (history, geography, nature study). Moodle App is handy. Weekly guide is great!

Sue from Victoria

Homeschool Review, Year Three Curriculum

Year 3 Homeschool Curriculum

$330.00$560.00 inc. GST

Our Year Three homeschool curriculum is a literature rich, family friendly homeschool program for children.

Written to comply with the Australian Curriculum, NESA syllabus and WA Curriculum. Our Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum also includes New Zealand and international resources for those wanting a more global focused curriculum.

Recommended Ages: 8 to 9 years old.

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