Homeschool Planner Templates

Planner & Schedule Templates To Help Your Homeschool Stay Organised

Homeschooling is an exciting way for families to learn at home. But it can also be overwhelming! This homeschool planner will help you organize your homeschool year so that you can spend less time stressing over scheduling and more time enjoying learning.

Keeping a simple homeschool planner gives focus to your routines and goals. It also aids record keeping and helps your day run smoothly. You can make your own homeschool diary.

A Homeschool planner that looks beautiful adds cheer and motivation to your planning.

A Yearly Homeschool Planner

I wanted to make a homeschool planner that worked for me for all of my children for the whole year. Let me show you how you can make one also.

The first thing you will need is a folder — or  binder. A folder gives you flexibility allowing you to rearrange, add and subtract pages as desired.

Using a three ring folder makes the pages much more secure than using a two ring folder (you might have to buy a three ring hole punch also).

If you buy a clear sleeved folder you can insert paper into the front, back and spine of the folder. This is a lovely way to personalise your homeschool planner. I used paper from a scrapbooking supplies shop, some use children’s art work or their own creation. Choose something you like as you will be looking at it often.


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Divide Your Homeschool Planner Into Sections

Tab dividers are essential for quick reference in your homeschool and household planner.

Divide your planner into sections that work logically putting the most frequently used pages at the front.

For example: My week at a glance page is the first page in my folder and the yearly calendar is slipped into the side pocket. It’s my homeschool diary.

Homeschool Schedule Templates Student Planner
Homeschool Schedule Templates Notes Page

Homeschool Planner Calendar Template

These school year calendar templates helps you stay organised throughout the entire school year. 

 If you need more space to write down notes, you can add extra pages to this school year calendar template.

You can also use them as attendance records using crosses to indicate homeschool days completed.

Homeschool Schedule Templates 2023 Calendar
Homeschool Schedule Templates Important Notes

Create a Homeschool Planner with these Free Printables.

If you’re looking for a homeschool planner template, then you’ve come to the right place! This homeschool planner worksheet has been designed to help you organize your homeschool activities. 

Homeschool Schedule Templates Art Appreciation
Homeschool Schedule Templates Student Book List
Homeschool Schedule Templates Expenses
Homeschool Schedule Templates Read Aloud List

Homeschool Planner – Download the PDF worksheets.

Customise your homeschool planner and download the PDF version of the templates you need.

Here are some suggested divisions when you make a homeschool planner:

  • Week at a glance homeschool planner pages- Homeschool planner for the week.
  • Homeschool Planner Christmas and Birthday Lists—Christmas planning, birthday lists etc.
  • Student Reports—ideas for next term, student planning.
  • Yearly Planning Pages – by subject or general.
  • Homeschool Lists—Book list records, Artist list, Composer list, field trips and nature walk list.
  • Projects –you might be renovating a bathroom or planting a vegetable garden, so you can keep all your information together in this section.
  • Student Notes—keep track of assignments, skills and make notes for record keeping.

Note: Your homeschool planner is not for storing children’s work but rather a place for planning and record keeping. See our notebooking ideas for your children’s work.

Print out the worksheet and fill it out.

Once you’ve filled out the worksheet, print it out and use it as a guide to help you plan your next homeschool day.

Add any additional information you need.

You can add any additional information you need to make sure you cover all the bases. This might include things like what subjects you will teach, how much time you spend on each subject, and whether you will do school at home or outside.

“A good system shortens the road to the goal.”

Start simply and let your homeschool planner grow as the need arises.

When You Make A Homeschool Planner Add Structure Not Clutter

Do not feel compelled to add forms to your planner just to fill it up. Endless sheets will discourage and decrease your motivation. Don’t become ruled by charts and graphs but rather make the planner your slave.

Keep your planner for planning and resist the temptation to use it as a filing system for bills and birthday cards.

Re-evaluate your system removing unused forms and add systems that work for you.

Remember when you make a homeschool planner only start with the forms you think that you need. You can always add extras later.

The terrific thing about making your own homeschool planner is that you can put what ever you like in it. You can even design your own pages that custom suit your family. I have sections for each of my children. I also include documents that I need for my homeschool registration or homeschool exemption.

Download your homeschool planning templates.

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