Homeschool Subjects

What homeschool subjects do you need to teach?

Homeschool Subjects Guiding Framework

We use the Charlotte Mason Classical approach while still adopting and adapting the requirements of the Australian Curriculum and NSW Syllabus to ensure our courses have the rigour required.

What is the Australian Curriculum?

The  Australian Curriculum is the Australia wide school curriculum standard written to help young Australians learn about and engage with the world. This curriculum is used as a guiding principle in many states for home education registration. It is managed by the Australian Federal Government. It is secular.

Find out more about the Australian Curriculum and My Homeschool.

Are your homeschool subjects faith based?

My Homeschool’s homeschool curriculum is faith based. We believe that education of the whole child is important and we encourage parents to nurture their children’s spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social needs.

In addition we have also included the core principles of a Charlotte Mason education such as good literature, nature study, world history and international issues that are integral to a modern world class curriculum for global citizens.

Our weekly routine includes a group family time and we encourage you to nurture your child’s faith, however we have left it up to you to decide how you want to do that.  We also alert parents to sections of the curriculum that they may like to pre-read, review or discuss prior to a lesson.

Can You Teach My Homeschool Subjects in a Secular Way?

A number of families not professing to the Christian faith use My Homeschool courses and enjoy our homeschool programs.  Some adapt aspects to better align with their family’s beliefs and values and see the value of teaching their children about God as a part of their broad educational feast. Our curriculum was written to give all children a rich education.

Many of our homeschool resources are secular. We have done our best to choose wholesome books that provide good role models and teach character. We do not exclusively use Christian resources. We do not emphasise religion but our history books will have some religious themes because of the period in which they are set.

If you want to substitute some of the curriculum suggestions to better fit the needs of your family you can. However, you’ll be in charge of the tweaking, it’s not a service My Homeschool provides.

The Charlotte Mason method is a great approach to homeschooling and is used by people of many different faiths. If you are still unsure please read Charlotte Mason Principles: Christian or Secular?

Find Out More About Specific Homeschool Subjects.

The core subjects typically covered in homeschooling include:

  • Language Arts/English: This subject encompasses phonics, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and communication skills. Through language arts, children develop strong reading comprehension, written expression, and effective communication abilities.
  • Mathematics: Mathematics provides the foundation for logical reasoning, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Homeschooling allows you to adapt maths lessons to your child’s pace and learning style, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • Science: Homeschooling offers the flexibility to explore various scientific disciplines, such as biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science. Hands-on experiments, field trips, and research projects can enhance your child’s understanding of scientific principles.
  • Humanities and Social Studies: By studying social studies and history, children gain insights into human society, culture, geography, and historical events. Homeschooling allows you to delve deeply into specific time periods or regions, fostering a deeper understanding of the world’s diverse cultures.

In addition to these core subjects, homeschooling provides the opportunity to incorporate a wide range of other subjects based on your child’s interests and educational goals.
These may include:

  • Foreign Languages: Learning a foreign language not only expands communication skills but also promotes cultural awareness and enhances cognitive development. Homeschooling allows you to introduce a variety of languages, from widely spoken ones to less common options.
  • Fine Arts: Art, music, and drama play a crucial role in fostering creativity and self-expression. Homeschooling provides the freedom to explore different artistic mediums, encourage artistic talent, and appreciate various forms of artistic expression.
  • Physical Education: Homeschooling allows you to design physical education programs tailored to your child’s interests and needs. Sports, outdoor activities, and fitness routines can be integrated to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Digital Technology: In the digital age, understanding technology and computer science is vital. Homeschooling offers the flexibility to teach programming, computer literacy, and other technology-related skills, preparing your child for the modern world.
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