Homeschooling English Curriculum

A homeschool English curriculum, also called language arts, is a core subject in any homeschool curriculum.

A strong literacy program is a fundamental requirement for homeschooling parents choosing the best course to use for their family. There are so many language arts programs, grammar resources, handwriting and copywork options, spelling programs, writing courses, and other English components that it can be overwhelming to select the best one.  Many families end up trying to cherry pick, only to fall in a heap later on because none of their selections match up.

At My Homeschool we’ve taken all the guesswork out for you. Instead of needing to trawl through seemingly endless suggestions and recommendations, we offer a structured homeschool English curriculum from Kindergarten through to Year 10 to meet all your needs.

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Teach A Homeschool English Curriculum With Literature

Homeschool English Curriculum With Charlotte Mason

With a basis on Living Books, rigorous grammar and language lessons, classic literature, dictation, copywork and spelling strategies and rules, this is an English program based on Charlotte Mason’s method and best practice in English studies today. No more finding out with horror the numerous gaps in your child’s education. Rather, you can simply enjoy watching your child go from learning to read and write, to writing essays and compositions that will help prepare them for university.

Whether English is your native language or you come from a bilingual family, each My Homeschool graded course offers an age-appropriate English component that you can use to teach your child to a high standard. We know that many families learn the nuts and bolts of the English language before embarking on foreign language study, so we ensure that our courses feature high-quality grammar resources so your child will be well placed to learn further languages, something our international families appreciate.

So many My Homeschool families comment on how they have avid readers and so love the extensive booklists that are provided across all of our subject areas. This provides families with the opportunity to reinforce lessons learned in English across all the subject areas. It also invites students to learn about many different topics through books with a literary quality. Even the most reluctant readers have been turned around and eagerly await the next chapter of a good book!

We all know how homeschoolers seek the best booklists available, knowing how their homeschools can be enriched by teaching English. However, many feel short-changed, realising that there is more to teaching skills in English than simply reading these books. We all wish to offer our children a literature-rich environment to see them thrive and learn but often don’t know exactly how to do this. Too often families stack their bookshelves and baskets with many delightful books only to find that they don’t quite match their family and their delights go unnoticed and too many learning opportunities are missed. With My Homeschool we offer classic read alouds and poetry in every graded course, carefully selected to be age-appropriate and ensuring that your family are well-read.

Whether it is learning to sound out the letters of the alphabet for the first time in the beginning steps to reading, being instructed on how to study a novel, appreciating poetry or the plays of William Shakespeare, constructing sentences and structuring paragraphs, analysing the rhetoric of other authors, composing a rousing speech, or learning how to piece together a college-standard essay, the My Homeschool graded courses offer students a range of different skills and techniques to learn how to master the English language and use it as a powerful tool.

For those parents who feel like it was a long time since they learned the components of grammar and are worried they will struggle to teach the differences between verbs, adverbs, nouns and prepositions, we have got you covered! Our grammar guides are simple, taught in context and will not bamboozle you. The My Homeschool graded courses will step you through the different stages of mastery in English with flair and ease.  Even the most reluctant writers will gain confidence and skills to communicate well as all of the My Homeschool resources encourage and inspire you to continue on your learning journey.

If you are looking for a better alternative that gives a well-rounded approach to all aspects of English literacy, language and literature then please take a look at how the My Homeschool graded courses can support excellence in English in your homeschool.

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