Teaching Maths

Homeschool Maths

All too often the topic of homeschool maths is met with despair and groaning from families sick and tired of the homeschooling maths curriculum that promised them excellence but has failed to live up to its expectations. Here at My Homeschool we know many parents are concerned about how they will successfully teach mathematics and give their children the confidence in maths that they didn’t learn themselves. We are pleased to step alongside our homeschooling families and support them to teach mathematics with a smile on their face and spring in their step.

First Homeschool Maths Lessons Provided

In our younger grades (Kindergarten to Grade 2) comprehensive math programs are provided with each My Homeschool graded course. These have been specifically designed for the homeschool environment for younger scholars. They bring beauty to mathematics and will see your child start on their math journey with delight and confidence.

Reviews and Recommendations From Grade Three

From Grades 3 to 10 we encourage you to teach the best homeschooling math curriculum you think suits your child and your math ability.

We are pleased to include a math review program to ensure that parents can track their child’s progress across all the key areas of mathematics. This is such a valuable resource, developed by a talented mathematics teacher specifically for homeschoolers and is only available through My Homeschool.

50% Discount Maths Online With Courses

Both of these homeschooling maths curriculum are supplemented with a special discount to a quality online math program that is favoured by homeschoolers and schools alike and available to My Homeschool families.

In addition to these programs, we are happy to provide reviews and recommendations to help families select the best math program for their child. We know that Charlotte Mason referred to mathematics as “a mountainous land” and we don’t want you huffing and puffing to the top too much! Instead, we help you to select the program that you feel comfortable and confident using. There are so many homeschooling maths curriculum and courses available that it can be dizzying to select the best one that will instruct solid mathematical methods and strategies to your child.  So many homeschooling families focus on whether to use a spiral or mastery approach in their mathematics program and we will address that too.

Math Resources

We will also guide you through the plethora of manipulatives and additional mathematics equipment and tell you what you actually need and what you can leave on the store shelf with a confident smile. You won’t leave another homeschool gathering worrying that you’ve chosen a sub-par math program when you hear your friends talk about how their children are going!

Your child can be taught to be strong in numbers and algebra, measurement and geometry as well as statistics and probability as they learn to understand mathematics, become fluent in its use and application and work to solve problems through mathematical reasoning. Homeschooling families want their children to be able to think mathematically but also do math and we are happy to show you how you can do this in your homeschool. With the right program math can become meaningful as your child develops greater sophistication in their mathematical skills as their years of learning continue.  From basic counting and beginning the symbolic logic of math to pursuing high-level math required for those interested in studying science, engineering, mathematics or information technology, we can help you to learn how to teach math well in your homeschool, including many tips and tricks!

Living Books On Mathematics

Please don’t think that Living Books are left forgotten within mathematics at My Homeschool. We know that often math as a topic is dropped off the booklists, but we know the value of a well-chosen Living Book for all mathematicians and are pleased to share our favourites with My Homeschool families. We love to share our delight for living math and know that your family will appreciate this too. Even the most reluctant students can appreciate and enjoy a good story about math and they will love our math games suggestions too. No more tears over math drills and memory work!

Community Support

Don’t let your hesitations and misgivings about teaching math keep your child back any longer. Instead, join our lovely community and see how our delight for teaching living math can help your homeschool thrive. Take a look at the My Homeschool graded programs and learn how you can teach your child mathematics with confidence and grace today.


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