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Homeschool Science Curriculum

At My Homeschool we have a homeschool science curriculum that is very family friendly.

So many parents observe that their children are naturally drawn to science. With fascination and wonder we see them watch the world around them as they seek to understand all that they see.  Sadly, too often this amazement and natural wonder is replaced with lifeless resources that explain scientific concepts and ideas without any zest for this wide-ranging subject. However, there is a way that you can teach science well in your homeschool, feeding the curiosity of your children, deepening their understanding, and supporting their scientific inquiries.

Three Strands of Science

Within the Australian Curriculum studying science is divided into three key strands of study:

  • Understanding the principles, theories and laws of biology, chemistry, physics, and earth and space science;
  • Appreciating the advances within the field of science, and
  • Learning how to actually do inquiries in science, by posing questions, collecting and extracting data and information, and completing science investigations.

Together these offer a robust and comprehensive study of science from the beginning years of school up to the final years of high school. It is this structured program that the science resources offered within the My Homeschool graded courses are based upon. This allows all families to teach with confidence, knowing that you are teaching and equipping your child with key scientific concepts and knowledge, while not missing the opportunities to carry out first-hand investigations too.

Whether or not you have a background in science, you can feel confident teaching science in any grade when you use a My Homeschool graded program. Our science resources use Living Books that provide some of the best available science writing, including classics and favourite books alongside newer release titles. From beautifully illustrated science books in Kindergarten profiling the lives and contributions of scientists together with aspects of biology, through to titles to challenge and inspire your teenager in our high school courses, such as climate change and ecology, you can be sure that our curated book selection hits the right tone for your homeschool.  These are books and resources that delight in God’s creation and communicate key science topics in a way your child will understand.

Nature Study First Lessons For Little Scholars

Direct contact with nature and teaching a child to notice what is going on around them is a deliberate activity that can be worked into the fabric of your homeschool routine. Nature study, nature walks and backyard science observations are to be encouraged. Think of these activities as part of your science lesson not as optional extras.

“In science, or rather, nature study, we attach great importance to recognition, believing that the power to recognise and name a plant or stone or constellation involves classification and includes a good deal of knowledge…The teachers are careful not to make these nature walks an opportunity for scientific instruction, as we wish the children’s attention to be given to observation with very little direction. In this way they lay up that store of ‘common information’ which Huxley considered should precede science teaching; and, what is much more important, they learn to know and delight in natural objects as in the familiar faces of friends.” Charlotte Mason Series Volume 4, p.237

Living Books For Homeschool Science Curriculum

Alongside our Living Books collection My Homeschool families appreciate the extensive range of online resources that support all of our science components.  Whether it is articles to read, photographs to examine, experiments to complete at home, or videos to watch to see a topic or concept clearly explained, the hundreds of Complementary Links included within our graded courses expand and extend your homeschool science content. We know science matters here at My Homeschool and we seek to give you the very best resources you can use to better understand the simple science behind our complex world.

homeschool science curriculum

Contemporary Homeschool Science Resources

For those in the upper grades of high school The Science Hub provides an online learning opportunity to extend their studies across the science strands. This tackles more complex science experiments, how to approach dissection in your homeschool, and offers some cutting-edge science to continue to show your teenager the advances in modern science.  It also demonstrates to teenagers how they can understand the news of the day as it relates to science, placing all that they are learning in your homeschool in a meaningful context. This is real science, with complexities, questions and challenges. In addition to this, students completing our Year 9 and 10 courses have access to an extensive range of resources to choose from to develop their own elective options in science.

Graduates from My Homeschool finish their studies knowing a lot about many different aspects of science. Some of our graduates have gone on to further tertiary study within a range of science fields, including medicine, astrophysics, and chemistry. These are students from average homeschools who have found an interest in science. After being engaged and excited in their homeschool science lessons these teenagers knew that they wanted to study science at a higher level and were equipped to study at that higher level.

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Our Homeschool Science Curriculum Supports Parents And Students

We appreciate that many parents are concerned that they don’t have the fundamental background to teach the complexities of science to their children.  However, at My Homeschool we support families learning and developing scientific literacy, ensuring that you have the vocabulary you need as well as facts, concepts, history and philosophy of science. We understand that if we expect our children to know something we need to first teach them what it is. So, the My Homechool science resources respond to this, equipping hundreds of parents to clearly and easily teach biology, earth science, space science, chemistry and physics in a way that children actually understand. When you choose a My Homeschool graded course you are making a strong choice to present high-quality science resources that will engage and equip your child.

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