Social Studies

Homeschool Social Studies Curriculum

This is how we teach the core homeschool subject of social studies at My Homeschool.

While My Homeschool offers strong foundations in literacy and numeracy, the joys of homeschooling Social Studies are integral to our rich and full program.  Often overlooked in the typical homeschool, or relegated to dry history texts or boring geography resources, Social Studies is a vibrant part of our integrated curriculum alongside science, technology and design, art, music and physical education. Elementary Social Studies education is a great opportunity to teach your child about our rapidly changing world and its people.

Homeschool Social Studies Through Living Books

Living Books are the foundation for the My Homeschool graded courses which are based on Charlotte Mason’s method. This allows you to travel the world from the comfort of your own homeschool. We appreciate that there are so many booklists available but too many offer outdated or hard-to-find books that haven’t always been selected by people who are avid readers. We will teach you how to use the most beautiful and inspiring Living Books to teach Social Studies, what to look for when sharing these with your child, and how to use them as the powerful learning tool that they are. Whether it is looking at different places, events in history, multiculturalism, economic issues, or current affairs, we have a range of curated booklists to suit your homeschooling needs.

Incorporates Geography

Learning to read maps is an important life skill that is all too often missed but we encourage you to include it in your homeschool within your Social Studies program. Too often there are simply token Map Drills included within a lesson without really taking the opportunity to teach a child this aspect of understanding place. Whether it is basic map reading skills for a young child or teenagers learning how to use topographical maps, there are many innovative ways you can teach your children this practical skill within your Social Studies program.

Incorporates History

Raising citizens that know and understand their nation’s history alongside world history is crucial and a gift when you teach Social Studies well. Learning about their past helps children to better understand current affairs and prepare for the future that lies before them. We use Living Books that offer age-appropriate content to guide your child through world history. Go beyond dates and people’s names: walk with them through the ancient world and the Middle Ages; enjoy the delights of the Renaissance and then guide them through the complexities of modern world history through to the current day.

Many homeschooling parents worry about not knowing enough about history to teach their child. We are happy to take this burden from you and offer innovative and engaging history resources throughout every graded course. In their first year of school your child will learn about important historical objects held in museums around the world as they start to appreciate what history is, and each year you can build on this, teaching more and further developing their understanding.

Current Affairs

In your homeschool you can teach how societies work and guide your children to become informed, responsible and active citizens no matter where you live. You can also show them how to be respectful of others by learning more about the history and geography of other places to raise strong global citizens. It can seem challenging to wade through the various resources and websites to confidently teach your child about current affairs. So many homeschoolers know this is part of teaching Social Studies but aren’t sure where to start. My Homeschool is happy to help you do this well, offering a parents education unit in our Boost Your Homeschool course that shows parents which sources they can trust and how to teach current affairs in their homeschool.

Civics and Governance

Don’t shy away from instructing your children about Civics and Governance or avoid including aspects of economics because it isn’t something you are familiar with. Be confident to jump right in and learn alongside your children using the plethora of books and resources available today. The My Homeschool courses include books, biographies, online resources, videos, and teaching helps so you can feel confident teaching about government decision making, the role of leaders, and the role of commerce and economics in an age-appropriate way.  All too often booklists include titles that are far too simple or much too difficult, but the My Homeschool graded courses are prepared for a particular age group and development stage so you won’t waste money buying the wrong book again.

Guides For Parents

Teaching Social Studies in your homeschool will help your students to develop the knowledge and skills they need to better understand the local, national and global communities within which they live and will work. It helps them to develop a deeper knowledge of societal issues and cultures, and importantly, guides them to develop critical thinking skills so they can discern various social, political, environmental, and economic issues. You can enjoy watching the delight on your child’s face as they learn about the societies and cultures of your home country and other places around the world, seeking to know more about how people live, where they live and their histories too.   Encourage them to gather information and glean knowledge, ask questions, and explore our fascinating world and its peoples.

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