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When you homeschool in New Zealand there is no official NZ homeschool curriculum you need to teach. You can choose to make up your own, or buy an all in one program. It’s up to you!

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Before Buying Your NZ Homeschool Curriculum Do This

So how do you decide what NZ homeschool curriculum is right for your family?

Before answering that question, let’s take one step back and think about how you want to homeschool. In other words, what’s your homeschool philosophy or homeschool method. Working out how you want to teach will help you avoid a whole lot of homeschool curriculum mistakes.

Deciding on your philosophy is also part of the homeschool application NZ and you also need to consider how your approach will influence your subject choice.

For example, at My Homeschool we use a Charlotte Mason-inspired curriculum because it gives children a broad range of subjects and opportunities to develop their interests and talents. You can include nature study, fine arts, technology and design, sport, or dramatic arts in your child’s NZ homeschool curriculum but you use her methods to teach those subjects. That means you often choose living books over textbooks, or notebooking instead of worksheets.

Next – Work Out What Subjects You Want to Teach

The beauty of homeschooling is that you can combine subjects and make a bespoke educational experience for your child where lessons cover a range of subjects simultaneously. However, for planning purposes, and for preparing your home schooling application, it is usually easier to separate into subject areas as you develop your NZ homeschool curriculum.

The homeschool subjects required for homeschooling in NZ are: English, Maths, Science, Technology, Social Science, Language Study and the Arts.

Choosing homeschool subjects seems straightforward. However, there is far more to consider when preparing a NZ homeschool curriculum.

You also need to think about:

Now You Can Start Looking For NZ Homeschool Curriculum

Now that you have begun to understand what you are looking for in a NZ homeschool curriculum you can start looking for and buying curriculum.

Many families find following a curriculum with a graded scope and sequence provides stability and continuity no matter where they learn (or move to!). This can be in the form of following a school curriculum like the NZ school curriculum, or a free online homeschool curriculum,  or a complete homeschool package like My Homeschool.

Homeschool Curriculum Providers For New Zealand

Most homeschool resources are written in the USA and often need to be tweaked to meet the needs of a NZ homeschool curriculum. My Homeschool is an exception. Not only do we provide a curriculum that uses many NZ homeschool resources, we also provide NZ homeschool curriculum templates to help you write up your home education exemption.

At My Homeschool we have developed our own homeschool curriculum and graded scope and sequence from Kindergarten to Year 10 (NZ Year 1 to Year 11). We used the Charlotte Mason Method and the Australian Curriculum as our general scaffolding. We’ve also considered our New Zealand families and we’ve included many NZ homeschool resources across the homeschool grades.Do you want to know how The Australian Curriculum compares to the New Zealand Curriculum? Here is a comparative study.

My Homeschool Curriculum NZ Subjects

At My Homeschool we have done a lot of the groundwork for you when preparing a NZ homeschool Curriculum. Our homeschool subjects have a global focus, so whether you’re from New Zealand, or Australia you will be part of our homeschooling community.

This is how we teach the NZ homeschool curriculum required subjects at My Homeschool:

List Of Other Homeschool Curriculum

You can also write your own curriculum, using sites like Brain Pop, Khan Academy and Open Learning Initiative.

If you would like to use a Christian Homeschool Curriculum then choose providers like My Homeschool, Memoria Press, Sonlight, Master Books, Apologia, and Abeka.

Waldorf and Montessori Curricula is found at Oak Meadow, Enki Education and Functional Education.

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

If you are looking for specific homeschool subjects Cathy Duffy’s Homeschool Curriculum Reviews are very useful. You can search her site by resource, subject and homeschool method.

YouTube also provides useful homeschool reviews. Reviewers are often paid for their reviews, so keep that in mind.  They also give you a visual on the curriculum which can also be very helpful.

Where To Buy Your NZ Homeschool Curriculum

There are some curriculum suppliers in NZ, but they don’t have a comprehensive catalogue.

For faster shipping and a good range of products the Australian Based Education Warehouse ships to New Zealand.

It’s also worth checking for samples and reviews. Depending on the exchange rate they are often the best place to buy when you include their shipping fees. However, orders can take longer to arrive than when buying from Australia or New Zealand.

Book Depository , Fishpond and Amazon are usually the cheapest way to buy books. You can also buy second-hand homeschool resources on this NZ Homeschool Curriculum FB group.

My Homeschool NZ Homeschool Curriculum FAQ?

Our curriculum was written by homeschoolers for homeschoolers. We’ve made it homeschool friendly. Our approach to education is different to the traditional school method of textbooks and worksheets. Whilst Charlotte Mason’s method of homeschooling is our guiding educational philosophy, we have deviated from her approach somewhat as we comply with the content demands of a modern education.

With all our curriculum we offer many free homeschool resources to support you as you teach.

Is This NZ Homeschool Curriculum Faith Based?

Yes! We are a Christian homeschool curriculum and we encourage you to nurture your child’s faith, however we have left it up to you to decide how you want to do that. We choose our resources carefully. However, we do not exclusively use Christian resources and many of our homeschool resources are secular. Our wholesome book lists provide good role models and teach character. We do not emphasise religion in our curricula, but our history books will have some religious themes because of the period in which they are set.

Can You Use This NZ Homeschool Curriculum In A Secular Way?

Several families not professing to the Christian faith use My Homeschool courses and enjoy our homeschool programme. Some adapt aspects to better align with their family’s beliefs and values and see the value of teaching their children about God as a part of their broad educational feast. Our curriculum was written to give children a rich education.

If you want to substitute some of the curriculum suggestions to better fit the needs of your family, you can. However, you’ll oversee the tweaking, it’s not a service My Homeschool provides.

The Charlotte Mason method is a great approach to homeschooling and is used by people of many different faiths. If you are still unsure, please read Charlotte Mason Homeschooling: Christian or Secular?

Is this NZ Homeschool Curriculum All Online Lessons?

My Homeschool uses Moodle, an online learning platform created for schools and universities.

It’s easy to use and doesn’t require much technical skill. It also has a handy app for your smart phone or tablet. All our NZ homeschool Curriculum is stored in one handy place so you can find and download as needed.

We’ve carefully selected our videos and the links your child needs to follow. Your child’s online safety is important to us.

It’s not all online though, many of our lessons require reading from a real book or a paper-based resource.

How Have You Scheduled the My Homeschool Curriculum NZ?

Our homeschool programmes are streamlined to include various subjects at the same time without cutting out content. Academics can be completed in three or four half days a week in the primary years and four to five days in high school. Spend the extra free time pursuing your other interests and allowing your child to embrace the wonder of learning naturally. Home educating is a lifestyle, so the learning never stops.

Whilst we have done our best to minimise teaching preparation and lesson planning, we still believe that you, the educating parent, play an essential role in your child’s education. We encourage you to reclaim your own education as you learn along with your child. The ideas that will be enriching your children’s lives will also be enriching you.

Approximately three to four hours per week of reading aloud is required in this course. Many lessons can be done independently as children get older; however, children will differ in the level of support they need and at first you will need to be actively involved in helping them form good study habits. Research suggests it takes 6 weeks to form a new habit, so expect to have a greater level of intensity during this time as your student adjusts to home education. This may not take as long if your child has been homeschooling for a while.

Is Your NZ Homeschool Curriculum A Full Year of Work? Can I Start At Any Time?

A 36 week, four term schedule, is used in our homeschool programmes. There are nine weeks per term, eight weeks have set lessons and the ninth week is a catch-up week that can also be used for assessment.

This course has a flexible format that can be started at any time. If you wish to begin mid-term or mid-year you can still pick up the course from week one. Since maths homeschool resources (from Year 4 NZ) are purchased separately you can follow the resource you were using prior to starting our course.

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