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Frequently Asked Questions
Password reset problem - I can't login? Help

In most cases a password reset will fix your login problem.

I’ve Tried To Reset And Nothing Happened!

If nothing happened after you tried to reset your password then you will need to contact us to investigate.

Do you offer government home school/ home education registration support?

We don’t do your registration plans for you. We do offer our members, documents, templates and a self guided course to write their own reports when using our courses.

See more about our registration support here.

Will you be offering a Year 11 and 12 course.

We are unable to assist with enquiries for students beyond Year 10.

We do not have a Year 11 or Year 12 course. However you may find this article about homeschooling and university helpful.

Will I be able to teach this program? It sounds quite academic.

It’s natural to feel a little daunted when we think about teaching our children. We don’t want to intimidate you, we are here to support you. We won’t send you a bunch of downloads and send you on your way. We also teach you how to teach. Our guides and homeschool expertise will help you instruct your children. You can also post questions on our forum when you hit a snag. You’ll learn some new things and brush up on old things as you teach your children. It’s a very satisfying experience and many veteran homeschoolers report co-learning as one of the unexpected benefits of homeschooling.

I love that My Homeschool is Australian but can I use it in Singapore?

Singaporeans Say Yes to My Homeschool

I love that My Homeschool is Australian but can I use it in Singapore?

Absolutely! We have families from all around the world using our graded courses.

My Homeschool is based on the Charlotte Mason method which is favoured by families globally, with thousands choosing to educate their children using this tried and true method. With My Homeschool you can homeschool with the confidence that you are offering your child a rigorous education alongside hundreds of others within our international community.

Yes, we consider the Australian Curriculum but that offers a global approach that many families appreciate. In addition, no more fussing around looking for region specific materials because we are happy to offer our international families global goodies for you to choose from.  We appreciate that our Singaporean families need to strike the right balance, including a focus on South-East Asia as well as international studies, so we give you a generous amount of resources to help you do just that. 

We appreciate that you may wish to include bilingual resources and can help you with that. We also include aspects of Asian history in many of our grades and are pleased to offer Geography options that feature both global studies and the geography of Asia, that includes both physical and cultural geography topics.

Not sure how to address history and civics specific to Singapore? We can help with that too, no matter what age your child is, we have an online library that you can choose from to introduce these topics to your child, whether they are in primary or secondary school.

On the purchase of each graded course you receive a range of resources, all designed for you to homeschool well. This includes a planning template specific to that grade, as well as a Scope and Sequence to better understand how the course is structured.  These tools allow you to better identify where you may wish to swap out topics to respond to the needs of your international family. 

Worried about getting organised? There is no need!  We provide a Weekly Planner with each graded course that you can print out so you know exactly where you are and what you will cover each and every week of the semester.  This is also provided online for those who need to check progress while on the go.

Both the Scope and Sequence and planning template will also serve to support you if you are intending to apply for a Compulsory Education exemption. Applying for an exemption requires parents to provide several details, one of which is their planned curriculum. The My Homeschool Scope and Sequence helps you with his and the regular progress reports that the Ministry for Education require are also covered.

With My Homeschool we have attended to all the details we know make all the difference. We know that end of term can be a busy time so we provide you with Term Report templates to help you report on the progress of your child through the term.  This is a powerful tool for parents, allowing them to know exactly how their children are going.  This, combined with the Scope and Sequence, can help you to ensure that your child is meeting the appropriate requirements, which gives you further confidence to homeschool well. It also assists Singaporean children being homeschooled in Singapore because they are required to sit the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) in English, Mathematics, Science and a Second Language all at Standard Level and an additional test in Primary 4 (My Homeschool Year 4).  For those expatriate families that don’t legally have to send their children to Singapore, or apply for the exemption, these resources give you peace of mind that your child is receiving a high-quality education.

Here at My Homeschool we aim to provide you with all you need to homeschool well! We appreciate that more and more families in Singapore, both Singaporean and expatriate, are choosing to homeschool. For some, this is a better alternative to the international schools on offer, while for others this serves to give their child the time and opportunities to pursue additional interests at a high level.  Whatever your reasons for homeschooling in Singapore, My Homeschool can help to meet your needs.

Hundreds of families in Singapore are enjoying homeschooling their children and enjoying the many benefits this provides their family and you can too!

Yes you can! We have more information for you on our international schooling page.

I'd like to know what books you use. Can I see the booklists?

Our booklist are carefully curated and are only available as a part of our program.

My Homeschool uses living books in many subjects. Some are for your child to read alone, and some are to be read aloud by the parent. We also include some online and audio book options. Books allocated for reading aloud provide an opportunity for families to discuss them broadly. Parents are able to offer the scaffolding and support which will help their child navigate the literature which may be challenging for a variety of reasons.

We do use secular books and these do not always line up perfectly with a Christian world view. This also reflects Charlotte Mason’s approach. We have tried our best to make good choices in our literature and we have read what we recommend. We have rejected many books in the process of writing this curriculum. Finding a perfect book is almost impossible but our book selection is thought out and many of our books are recommended by others who follow a Charlotte Mason education.

We’ve also included culturally significant Australian literature which often highlights what was happening in the era it was written. For this reason, some of the literature may well be ‘politically incorrect’ or old fashioned by today’s standards, but at the time of writing it was not. These books offer an opportunity to teach your child about the culture of the times.

Our books were chosen with the Australian Curriculum in mind, however we understand that you may not want to read all the books we have chosen. Feel free to replace them with a title that suits your family’s needs.

We offer alternatives and extension suggestions in our My Homeschool Reading Lounge. This is our exclusive online library catalogue of book list suggestions and alternatives.

Can I just buy individual subjects and resources?

My Homeschool does provide many free homeschool resources.

Our curriculum is a structured program so we do not sell our curriculum separately.

If you are planning on using My Homeschool as your main curriculum, we suggest you consider your approach to mix and matching resources as you may experience overlap or gaps in subsequent years. For this reason, we recommend buying appropriate grades for each child so that you will have a sequential well curated curriculum.

Will this work for teaching multiple children?

Choice has been built into this curriculum to give you the flexibility you need for teaching multiple ages and adapting to the special needs and interests of your child/children.  We encourage families to do read-alouds, nature study, handicrafts, art and music appreciation as a group.


Our World History subject from Year 2 to Year 6 encourages parents to read aloud the history content. When teaching a few children in this age group at once we recommend you only teach one history cycle at a time. Since World History is not part of the Australian Curriculum this will not impact your curriculum compliance.

More details on working with multiple children can be found here.

I already have a very busy life? How much time will this involve?

My Homeschool follows the Charlotte Mason practice of shorter lessons so there is time for the student to follow other interests. Approximately three to four days per week is allocated to group study and parent reading aloud in the primary years. In high school we have written a four day schedule with Day 5 free for other planned educational activities.

Your day will usually include consistent lesson time in the mornings, leaving afternoons free for natural learning and play. You can also get some of your jobs done and pursue other interests.

Is this a Christian curriculum? Can this program be taught in a secular way?

This curriculum aims to give parents the confidence that they are educating their children with a world view that honours the values of Christian education. We have attempted to choose great resources and often a secular resource was the best option. Education of the whole child is important to us and parents are encouraged to disciple their children spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Whilst we encourage parents to have devotions with their family we have not set any.

Our science resources from Year 4 cover young earth creation and evolutionary concepts. However, the author does provide young earth creationist responses. These resources are purchased separately, so if you want to substitute a secular resource you are welcome.

Here is our subject guide.

Here is a deeper explanation on the question Is Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Christian and Can It Be Taught In A Secular Way.

My child has special needs, will this course suit them?

This is a hard question and only one that you can decide.  We actually get asked this a lot so we have discussed it further in a blog post.

As the homeschool parent, you are an excellent assessor of your child’s strengths and weaknesses. A living book education works well for many but not for all. If you feel your child needs educational testing then find a practitioner that supports homeschooling. Speech pathologists and psychologists both do this type of testing.

If your child is gifted, you may find adding more enrichment activities is a far better choice than speeding through the content. Give them a broader, richer education, providing more books on topics of interest to go deeper, not faster through subject areas.

For the children who struggle with reading you may want to incorporate more audio books, but continue with consistently teaching them reading with short lessons. The flexibility of this course also allows you to set the pace.

Reading aloud times can be hard at first for the easily distracted child. Give them something to fiddle with while you are reading or suggest they draw. Make sure that they are engaged in the content by asking for short oral narrations or checking their comprehension with a few questions. Gradually increase your reading times rather than expect them to sit for an hour on their first attempt. Also, gauge the best time for a longer read aloud novel in your family rhythm.

Is this an online distance education school?

No! We are not a school and receive no government funding. You are still responsible for your child’s registration and their application to homeschool. Enrolling in our courses does not exempt you from homeschool registration. But our resources and training information will help you.

To read more about our online learning platform and the difference between our Australian online homeschool and distance education – see here,

Does My Homeschool offer grading and support?

We are not a school and do not provide teachers for grading and educational support.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with our website or resources we offer email support.

We do have forums within the grades that we hope will give you some community support with like-minded homeschoolers who are educating children at a similar stage.

Can I Start Mid Year ? Primary Lite & High School Semester

We receive numerous emails asking if it is possible to start our program mid-year or mid-term. The answer is yes!

There are 32 weeks (split into 4 terms) in this course that can be started at any time. If you wish to begin mid-term or mid-year you can still pick up the course from Term One – Week One or another term. However, starting the course at a different week other than week one, will mean your reading schedule may need to be adjusted initially.

Since math resources are purchased separately you can follow the level you were using prior to starting the course.

Six Month Options

Our Primary Lite:

Kindy to Year 6 courses are condensed versions of our Full Primary curriculum for that grade.

They include two terms of work spread over 18 weeks. You can also upgrade to the full grade program at any time for an additional cost.

The Lite program is a condensed 18 week schedule which has been split into 2 terms. It uses approximately half of the resources that are provided in the full version. It includes documentation and plans to use for registration for 6 months. It will not meet every single curriculum or syllabus requirement. It is a great entry point to our Charlotte Mason Inspired curriculum for families who are not starting at the beginning of the year.

We generally recommend our Lite courses in these situations:

• For students who have already completed 6 months of the appropriate grade using another curriculum (at school or homeschooling) and are only wanting half a year of work.
• For families who are combining grades, or using additional teaching material but want to supplement work at a grade level.
• For students who are not ready to progress to the next grade level or repeating a grade.

We generally, do not recommended using our Lite programs for covering a whole grade in 6 months especially for children who are struggling academically. However, there are so many variables in educating your child and it is difficult for us to assess your family’s specific learning needs. This article may help you with your decision.

Our Primary Lite Courses only meet approximately 50% of the Australian Curriculum requirements of the corresponding grade. When you purchase our Lite program you will receive a detailed scope and sequence that shows what is and isn’t covered in our Lite program.

High School Semesters

Our high school courses from Year 7 to Year 10 are divided into semesters:

Semester One includes Term One and Two – 18 weeks
Semester Two includes Term Three and Four – 18 weeks
Each semester is independent and doesn’t rely on the previous semester’s work (except for our 9B course).

Other Bonuses

There is no time limit on completion of a course.

You can begin our courses at any time in the year.

All our half year courses include documentation and plans to use for registration for 6 months.

Can I use the same course for another child in future years?

Yes! If your My Homeschool membership is current you can reuse all of your purchased courses at no additional charge. If you have been inactive on the learning platform for more than 12 months then your membership expires.

Please see our full Terms and Conditions here.

Membership, Payment & Cancellation Questions

How Much Do Your Courses Cost?

Our course pricing can be found here.

Homeschooling Programs by Curriculum

Can I pay in instalments?

We do not have payment plans.


I want to talk to someone personally. Who can I call?

We don’t offer a telephone support option as a first option.

If you are inquiring about our resources or courses or are having technical problems please email us using our contact form. We will get back to you as quickly as we can.

You can request a call but please be specific about what you want to know.

How do I enrol my child in a Graded Course?

After you purchase your first course you will become a member. You are then sent login details for the My Homeschool learning platform.

Can I get a refund if it does not suit or my child returns to school?

My Homeschool graded courses are non—refundable. For more information on refunds and subscriptions read our terms and conditions.

How do I cancel my membership or change my payment details?

You do not need to cancel your account. It will automatically be closed after 12 months of inactivity.

See our full terms and conditions here.