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We give you the resources you need to give your child a rich and academic Christian education, inspired by the ideas of Charlotte Mason.


Curriculum & Community

My Homeschool is run by real life home schoolers who have already successfully homeschooled their own children from kindergarten through to university entry.

We understand the Charlotte Mason method, we understand modern curriculum requirements and we understand homeschooling.

Providing homeschool friendly resources from Kindergarten to Grade 10 is our thing.

Lightening your planning and paperwork burden is our passion.

When you buy a Charlotte Mason graded program from My Homeschool you are also joining a community of like minded families who are interested in educating and nurturing their children.

We Want To Lighten Your Homeschool Load

We’ve been helping Australian families homeschool for over 15 years with homeschool resources and advice.

In 2017 we launched our full curriculum packages and started My Homeschool. Since then, we have helped thousands of students thrive in their homeschool in Australia and internationally.  

Many of our families send us testimonials of how we’ve made a big difference to their homeschool.

We love your whole programme. Everything is awesome! Having all the ideas and links at our fingertips has made lesson planning a dream! Also knowing you yourself Michelle and Jo are just an email away for immediate support is so reassuring!

Jo and John from Australia

Homeschool Reviews, Kinder Curriculum

I have now purchased year seven semester one and plan to get year two in the next few days. I have one child nearly at the end of her homeschooling journey with three more currently all school aged. I have been receiving your bulletins for over ten years and have purchased many resources from you over that time. I have also recommended My Homeschool to many new homeschoolers I've supported. And now finally ... After running on my own steam all this time, I've decided to take the plunge and make life easier for myself! I've watched what you've been doing from afar since you started and I know I can buy this resource with confidence.

I know I could keep designing my own homeschool, but you wonderful ladies have put so much thought into the content and design of this program. So I just wanted to encourage you and say thank you.

Amy from Australia

Homeschool Reviews, Grade 7 Curriculum

How To Teach

How Do I Teach?

We believe part of our role is to help you be an inspiring home educator. So we include oodles of homeschool resources to help you.

How To Register

How Do I Plan and Record?

We take the planning and paperwork stress away. Our weekly planners, term reports and yearly homeschool planning templates reduce the documentation burden.


What do I teach

What Do I Teach?

We provide a streamlined curriculum  and comprehensive scope and sequence with all homeschool programs from Kindergarten to Grade 10.

The My Homeschool Yr. 8 programme has been a fantastic way for my son to progress through middle school. Michelle and Jo have covered a wide selection of subjects that develop analytical, observational and critical thinking skills while immersing the student in a feast of language, history, science and the arts, all while meeting the requirements of the Australian Curriculum. We have thoroughly enjoyed discussions around the dinner table on his history units, and are eagerly looking forward to progressing through the rest of the programme. I couldn't have implemented such a well rounded programme if I had to collate the information myself.

I love My Homeschool!

Veronica from Australia

Homeschool Review, Grade 8 Curriculum

We have tried several styles of teaching but always seem to come back to the Charlotte Mason Method.

This year, My Homeschool has provided a steady rhythm for our 13 year old. The work is set out on Moodle in a clear and concise way. This has made moving from being told what needs to be done, to being a self starter a very smooth transition. We have noticed that there has been just the right amount of stimulation, information and written work to keep him interested (in the past this has been challenging) and questioning things.

History lessons have been topic of conversation over dinner and discoveries made during geography have been talked about endlessly with his dad who has geomorphology qualifications. The choice of literature is rich and the online links have been valuable resources.

We have been very happy with all that Year 8 has been and look forward to the rest of the year. I believe that this year, academically, has been his greatest leap forward.

Sharon W from Australia

Homeschool Reviews, Grade 8 Curriculum

My Homeschool Curriculum

Comprehensive Curriculum – Kindergarten to Grade 10

We have based our homeschool graded programs on the Australian Curriculum and the ideas of Charlotte Mason. Read our subject guides.

A Global Citizen Approach

We’ve also added lots of what we call Global Goodies. We include world history, world geography, world art, world music, world science and international literature.

Christian Curriculum Inspired By Charlotte Mason

We aim to give parents confidence that they are educating their children with a  homeschool curriculum that honours Christian values. Across the grades, Charlotte Mason’s ideas are infused into all our learning plans.

Our family has been home educating for almost 10 years. We have used resources that Michelle previously offered through Homeschooling Downunder since the beginning of our home education journey so we were keen to sign up when we heard that My Homeschool was offering a Year 9 course.

This was our first year of using a complete curriculum through My Homeschool (we purchased 4 different year levels) and it has lived up to my expectations and been a good fit for our family. We have used a few different curriculums and are excited to find an Australian course that shares our Christian worldview and aligns with the requirements for Australian students.

Year 9 spreads a broad mind feast for the student. The subjects are cleverly integrated and the course is structured and paced in such a way that still allows our son plenty of time to pursue other interests, while at the same time being academically rigorous. The course material is well written in an engaging way and utilises excellent literature and carefully considered web links. This course seems to strike a good balance between traditional methods of education while at the same time embracing online learning. It covers Ancient History and Shakespeare alongside modern literature with internet links to current events and the latest research available. I feel confident our son is learning what he needs to and importantly he is developing a broader worldview and critical thinking skills.

Previously, this Mama keenly felt there were some gaps that needed to be addressed and was spread thin herself. We are thankful that Jo has been willing to share the knowledge gained in her studies and her professional expertise in education combined with the lived experience of being a home educating Mama with the homeschooling community. This course has been a blessing for our family particularly as the level of academic study increases. It means we can continue to home educate through high school with confidence.

Melinda from NSW

Homeschool Reviews, Year 9 Curriculum

I had a chat [with my son] about our year thus far using Year 8 his comments were as follows:

“Reading. Reading books and student lessons, and especially reading the history related suggestions. I also liked watching the videos as suggested in the student notes. The variety of resources has made it (learning) much more relaxed and this makes it easier to take in the information.”

We are very much enjoying the My Homeschool course.

Suzanne from Australia

Homeschool Reviews, Grade 8 Curriculum

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